About the Bra
Shefit goes where no other sports bra has gone before, truly giving each woman the ability to customize a fit that works for her while revealing the strong beauty that’s in all of us.

Strong, Beautiful and Fit for you...

Doctor Endorsed

“Shefit is the only sports bra I have found with enough strength in the shoulder and a breast cup design that supports any size breast softly and comfortably - without too much compression or chest constriction. It’s completely adjustable for each woman's perfect fit.”
- Dr. Brad Bengtson, MD, FACS
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About Dr. Brad Bengtson

Vectra 3D - Before & After (Shefit Comparisons)

Dr.Bengtson's Key Points on Shefit
  • Creates up to 35% more lift and maintained support than standard sports bras
  • Allows for earlier return to activity with improved support postoperatively
  • Excellent Support without excessive compression
  • Beautiful, sturdy ergonomic design

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Shefit Sports Bra

The Shefit Sports Bra is the first totally custom adjustable sports bra that gives women of all shapes and sizes the support and lift they need - finally a sports bra that allows you to decide the fit! Ideal for women with large breasts*, our exclusive patent pending Lock and Rock™ technology was smartly designed to give women the ability to adjust the Velcro straps for a custom fit, ensuring the most comfort and support for any workout.
  • 2" wide bust band provides more than 8" of adjustability and support; ensures you will never "fall out" the bottom ever again!
  • 1" wide shoulder straps have more than 15" of adjustability to provide maximum support and comfort; allows you to determine the vertical lift of your breasts and keep them there!
  • Unique elastic band ensures no stretching of the bust band or shoulder straps
  • Zip in (and out) with confidence! Wash and wear for the same fit every time
  • Strong power-mesh lining ensures more support and advanced moisture wicking
  • Two-way wear shoulder straps for flexibility
  • Made of Nylon, Spandex
  • Machine Washable
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

* Large breasts are in the eye of the beholder - any woman struggling with excessive bounce or back or shoulder pain for any reason (breastfeeding, augmentation or just generous genetics) will benefit from a Shefit bra. Don’t let the term large breasts frighten you - our bras love all women!

Anatomy of a bra

Creating the best fit depends on three critical things - cup size, straps and band size. At Shefit®, we've tested and retested, trying countless designs and materials on our bras to ensure that these essentials work together for you.

Once you have the right size Shefit bra in your hands (link to size calculator), our promise to you is this - the best fit and the most support with Shefit style!

Cup Size

In order to provide maximum support, the cup must fully encapsulate the breast. Spillage indicates that a larger cup size is needed. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have the correct size bra! Please take a moment to look at our sizing page (link to size calculator) to be sure you order the right size bra.


Properly fitted straps take the weight of the breasts off of the shoulders. Thin straps can dig into shoulders, stretch out and cause pain - compromising fit, support and comfort. The Shefit® shoulder straps provide comfort and support through adjustability. The 1-inch wide, 2-way-wear, non-stretch Velcro® straps have 15” of adjustability - dispersing the weight of the bust and giving you more control of the fit. You determine the vertical lift of your breasts, promises they will stay there!

Band Size

This is where the other bras miss the mark. When there is no support in the shelf/band area, the shoulders support the entire weight of the breast causing discomfort and worse, risking the bottom “fall out.” Band width is the most unique and important component of the Shefit® bra. Our comfortable, 2-inch-wide, elastic band has more than 8 inches of Velcro® adjustability and creates a supportive shelf that will not stretch out. You’ll love the sense of security with this band. When fitted properly, it essentially suctions to the rib cage, allowing you to feel secure and confident.