‘Sissy’ votes, shipping updates, pinning pink: Shefit weekly wrap for 10-25-2013

HAPPY FRIDAY, #TeamShefit! Ever since we successfully (over)funded our Kickstarter campaignlast month, we have been CRAZY busy moving the Shefit™ Sports Bra and other apparel items into production. This YouTube video from Sara Marie, our fearless founder, shares with supporters and fans when to expect orders to arrive (soon!), plus a slew of other updates. Also this month:
  • We decided to rename our ‘Sissy’ pants, after many of you wrote in to say you weren’t crazy about the name. “How can you be all about #StrongBeauty with pants named that way?” many of you asked. Fair enough! (For the record, the name stemmed from an enduring nickname Sara Marie’s young daughters use to address each other as siblings. SIS-sy, SIS-ter… get it?) Anyway, we came up with four new names (Strong, Sassy, Spark, Stunner) and are asking YOU to vote! One lucky voter will win a free pair of the newly renamed pants! Vote here: http://woobox.com/v3zxb2
  • Get your pink on! Through the end of October, we are helping to raise breast cancer awareness. We just posted “10 Strong, Beautiful Ways to Beat Breast Cancer” to Pinterest, Facebook andTwitter, and hope you find these tips useful enough to share, and even adopt for yourself!
  • Speaking of October pink, we are donating a portion of the sales from our new online store this month to support breast cancer research and awareness. We are taking pre-orders now while we fulfill our original Kickstarter orders. And yes, we are officially open for business! If you’ve always wanted the Shefit Sports Bra, Sissy“TBD” Pants, Compression Socks, Headbands, Fit Booty Shorts or T Fit Tank, now’s your chance to purchase Shefit apparel AND support a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL cause!
Have a GREAT Friday night, weekend and rest of your October! ♥, Sara Marie and the entire #Shefit team

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