Pendalay rows with hip thrust: Shefit™ #WorkoutWednesday routine from Body By “O”

December 04, 2013

Shown here are pendalay rows with hip thrust. Thanks to trainer Omar Henderson, owner of Body By “O” in Wyoming, Michigan, for this innovative move! shefit-workout-04dec2013-BBO-pendalay-thrusts-1024x1024


It’s a 3:1 count: three hip thrusts with one pendalay row, one rep. Try this strength circuit for three rounds: - Grouchos, 40 steps (weighted) - Farmers, carry for 30 sec. (weighted) - Pendalay rows with hip thrust, 3:1, 15x - Bicycles, 30 - Cable high pulls, 15x - Push and pull with dumbbells, 10 per arm - 3:1 x jumps, pull up (shoot for 5 to 10), assisted or unassisted