AT LAST! YOUR ORDERS ARE ON THE WAY!!! Shipping update from Sara Marie, founder of Shefit™ Apparel

Today marks a big day for Shefit™! As of this morning, we successfully shipped off the hundreds of initial orders to our Kickstarter backers and pre-order online customers.For those of you that have been nothing but kind, supportive, wonderful, patient, understanding, amazing, awesome, the best ever, rock stars… shall I go on? …all that finger crossing finally paid off! at-last-shefit-ships-dec2013 We received the first official production batch from our manufacturer last week, and after a final quality check, started individually packaging and labeling each order for immediate delivery. (This also means that you can officially begin to use the tracking code* sent via email to you earlier in the week.) PLEASE EMAIL ME at to let me know that you received your order! I want to make sure everything came to you just fine, and wish to get your feedback about the brand-new Shefit™ Sports Bra or other Shefit™ workout gear. I’ll be sure to personally walk you through properly trying on the bra or anything you need over the phone or email. Just ask! And, I would love for you to send me photos, videos, ANY feedback of you trying out your new fitness apparel. We can post them to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, too… even this blog! Be sure to share the good news! Have a terrific weekend, and I am so excited for all of you! As for anybody else that wishes to make a new order, you can do so on my online store at any time. ♥, Sara Marie and the entire Shefit™ Sports Bra and Shefit™ Apparel team * As we pre-printed our shipping labels, some tracking codes were sent early. Those codes should work now!