Plyo Pike push-ups: Shefit™ #WorkoutWednesday

As part of our #WorkoutWednesday series, we’re highlighting the Plyo Pike push-up (pictured below, positions 1 and 2). plyo-pike-positions-1-2-shefit-workout-1024x1024 Try doing four sets of 15 reps at the end of a giant set. Do the Plyo move, then repeat the first (shoulder) circuit three more times before moving onto the second (back) circuit. Shoulders (4x):
  • Barbell seated presses
  • Lateral raises
  • Upright barbell rows
  • Plyo Pike push-ups (as shown)
Back (1x):
  • One-arm lat pull downs, 15 each side
  • Seated cable rows
  • Wide-grip pull-downs
  • Plyo jump bench hops with burpees
♥, Sara Marie, CEO and founder, Shefit™ Apparel and the Shefit Sports Bra