Tumeric: an “uncommon” #SUPERFOOD for speedy muscle recovery

Here’s another healthy tip from Shefit nutrition and food partner Susie R. of Real Food, Real Fitness! Perhaps you’ve heard of tumeric, a plant native to India and Indonesia that, when ground, is used as a spice or condiment. If you like curry or mustard, then you have already been introduced to this unique yellow food. You may already even cook with it! Tumeric—more specifically curcumin, tumeric’s primary active ingredient—is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents known today.




What does tumeric have to do with your workout? In a fitness context, exercise-induced stress after an intense workout typically causes inflammation, which impedes muscle repair. The faster the inflammation goes away, the more quickly you tend to recover from your workout. Turmeric has properties known to reduce inflammation, thereby speeding up recovery time and helping to keep you healthy. Including turmeric in your daily diet can help you to train harder, more effectively and more efficiently. Tumeric also has been shown to protect against of extreme fatigue, overtraining, and illness. Not only is Tumeric great for athletes, but it also acts a blood purifier, may improve digestion, is used as a skin tonic, and has been linked (though not conclusively proven) to prevent the onset of certain cancers (e.g. breast, prostate, skin, colon), making tumeric a true “superfood.” Turmeric can be taken as a supplement and found at your local health food store.Or if you prefer, you can buy it in extract form and drink it as tea daily.  Just dissolve one teaspoon into your favorite tea, or just mix into hot water! (Findings summarized from public sources. Shefit makes no claims as to validity of these sources. Please consult a physician or certified nutritionist.


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