Another ‘Strong Booty’ Routine by Shefit™ for #WorkoutWednesday

Shefit is #STRONGBEAUTY. And, for many of us, is it about the booty. A killer one! So let’s try what my own personal trainer, Omar Henderson of Body By “O”, has cooked up for us this week. shefit-workout-stiff-leg-deadliftsshefit-workout-good-mornings   Do the following as straight sets, 3-5 sets per move, aiming for 15-10 reps per set, and increasing weight with each set:
  • Stiff leg deadlifts (pictured, above first)
  • Good mornings (pictured, above second)
  • Lying dumbbell leg curls(pictured in foreground, below)Lie with your stomach on a bench with your hips off the end. Have someone put a 10- to 25-pound dumbbell between your feet, and curl as if you were doing lying hamstring curls. (In effect, you are mimicking the hamstring machine by using a dumbbell!)
  • Walking lunges
shefit-strongbooty-legcurls Then, finish up with abs (repeat 2-3 times):
  • Double crunches(20)
  • Bicycles(20)
  • Russian twists (20)
Killer!!! Your Strong ‘Booty’ will be, too. And speaking of  #STRONGBEAUTY, don’t forget todownload official Shefit web badges for your blog, website or social media, like this one! shefit-badge-06 ♥, Sara Marie, CEO of Shefit™ Apparel and creator of the Shefit™ Sports Bra