Bad Ass Back and Shoulders- #WorkoutWednesday

position1-1024x768 Position 1position2-1024x768Position 2
Go for super sets of each move. Go from one more right to the next and repeat for 3-4 sets with 12-20 reps each set. Increasing in weight each set. Warm up 10 min hiit: treadmill at highest incline do alternating jumping lunges for 40, then incline down sprint for 30, then 12 Chinese push ups. Rest for 15 sec and repeat for 10-15 min. Circuit 1:
  • Reverse grip bent over rows (as shown on Sara in pink)
  • Seated rows (as shown on Heather in purple)
  • Lat pull downs
  • Wide grip press downs standing
  • Burpee with push up
  • Repeat 3-4x
  Circuit 2:
  • Lateral raises
  • Shoulder presses
  • Upright rows
  • Arnold presses
  • Box or bench jumps with a push up
  • Repeat 3-4x
  Abs: for speed 30 each x2 Bicycle abs Leg lifts Double crunch