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It’s no secret that we love fitness over here at Shefit headquarters. So it’s probably no surprise that we read our fair share of fitness blogs and websites. And over the years, we’ve discovered some amazing bloggers and women that are inspirational, motivational, and some that simply get us revved up to work out! There are a bunch that we keep coming back to — because we love their voice or their spirit or in some cases, because we’re so in awe of what they do. Here are just a few of the bloggers that made an impact on us. If there are other bloggers you love that aren’t on this list, let us know in the comments. We’d hate to miss out! girlsgonestrong-300x155 First of all, what a fantastic name: Girls Gone Strong. We get pumped up just saying it! Secondly, their mission statement alone made us want to be immediate BFF with all three: “Our mission is to educate and inspire women of all ages to maximize the strength of their body, mind and character. We are 3 women from different walks of life bound together with the goal of breaking down the barriers of exercise for women. This page is the culmination of our efforts and features workouts, recipes, advice, and motivation.” Great blog posts, great message – we’re big fans. Susie R. is a contributor to the Shefit Strong Beauty blog and we are big fans of her blog. She is a holistic health and wellness coach, mom, athlete, pilates and yoga enthusiast, dancer, Syphus trainer, wellness junkie, and real food activist. It is her mission is to share and encourage the philosophy of a truly well rounded healthy lifestyle in our modern world. Susie loves to spend time with her kids outdoors and she loves any type of athletic challenge especially HIIT (high intensity interval training), her favorite being Syphus Training. Susie is also a huge advocate for the Paleo diet. You can read many of her insightful posts here on our blog or check out Real Food Real Fitness for lots of insight on fitness and nutrition. fitbottomedgirls The Fit Bottomed Girls website features fresh fitness content for real women and girls interested in increasing their health through physical activity and sensible eating. This pair of best friends (Jenn and Erin) married their love of fitness and writing and created a must-visit site for any woman interested in staying in shape. Our favorite part? Their fun and hip writing style. This amazing woman previously blogged at — where she shared health and fitness knowledge with those who might not have access to one-on-one training. She made quite an impression, grabbing the attention of a bunch of media outlets like Women’s Day, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour, Women’s Health, Fitness, and Yahoo!. Pretty impressive. Over the last year, she expanded her niche and now writes about parenthood and life in addition to fitness. It’s one of the reasons we love her! She acknowledges that fitness is an important part of life — but not the ONLY important thing. Her posts are honest and empowering. Dorothy, the writer of this incredibly inspirational blog, is a mom of three and a runner. In fact, she’s run 26 marathons over the last 11 years. TWENTY SIX MARATHONS! She trains a lot of the time while pushing her three kids in their triple stroller. Talk about willpower and dedication. She’s truly inspiring. Blogger Brit is a fitness instructor and former division one basketball player — and she knows her stuff. With a mantra of “there’s no such thing as impossible,” she keeps her readers motivated with nutrition tips and workout how-tos. She encourages her readers to “believe that no matter your goals, your ability to succeed solely depends on your mental GRIT.” We agree! Screen-Shot-2014-04-04-at-9.00.50-AM-300x77 This blog is written by 25-year-old Kalee Sorey. It’s a fun site with lots of personality and a focus on healthy living. Or as Kalee puts it: “My passion in life is to be able to inspire and motivate others to build a healthy body and balanced life.” She also features some guest posts from some great contributors which rounds out the site nicely.


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