Killer Back and Bis Strong Beauty Style #Wednesday Workout

Warm up hit 10-15 min you choose. Do each move 12-20x each back to back then rest 30 and repeat for 10-15 min warm up. Beginners go lower for less time. Remember with all these workouts you can modify start low and build up. I’m very advanced and if your not there yet don’t be scared by these workouts they will only make you stronger and leaner. Just work your way up. Makes notes and track your progress. Warm up: Wall balls Half burpees Jumping lunges Killer back and bis strong beauty style: Today you are doing each round 2-4x each then rest 90 sec and start next round. Beginners go with the lower reps and sets. Try and increase weight each round. Aim for 8-15 reps each time. Round 1: Thrusters Plate or kettle bell swings Round 2: Lateral raises Shoulder press with a machine (as pictured) or standing with dumbbells. Position 1 :position11-768x1024




Position 2 Round 3: Machine or seated bent over reverse flies Upright rows Sprints 10-30 sec Round 4: Bent over rows Lat pull downs Seated rows Bicycle abs

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