Banging Back and Bis #Workout Wednesday

Start with the hit warm up. Treadmill or no treadmill. Aim for 10-15 each move or as much as you can get. Do each move and go right to the next then rest for 30 sec before repeating again for a total of 10-15 min hiit workout. Side jumping lateral hops (each way) Off treadmill knee tuck jumps Pike push ups Do each move one to the next 8-15 reps increasing in weight each set for total of 3 rounds. At the end of each round do the plyo move, rest for 60-90 sec and move on. Round 1: Lat pull downs Seated rows Rope lat pulls (as pictured by Sara)



Plyo: After each set you are going to do standing high knees (15-30 count) This is one complete round. Rest and then repeat for 2-3 rounds. Round 2: same reps and rounds as above. Rope or curve bar curls (as pictured. Sara is using a curve bar, Heather a rope) ww2-1024x1024


Straight barbell curls Standing alternate curls Plyo: (video) jumping pull/kip ups into mountain climbers. You are setting a PR. This means you do as many pull or kip ups as you can if it’s 1 or 5 or 10 that’s great. If you need to do assisted pull ups or have a partner help you that’s fine too. This workout is all about empowering strength within. If you only get 1 or 3 pull ups then finish for a total of 15-20 mountain climbers. Rest and repeat the round just as you did the first round.