Meet Shefit Brand Ambassador Alyssa Ritchey, National Crossfit Competitor

We’re honored and thrilled to have National Crossfit Competitor Alyssa Ritchey as one of our Shefit Brand Ambassadors! Read more about Alyssa: Hi, my name is Alyssa Ritchey. You may know me as the Dark horse, little Ritchey, or the Oreo fanatic. I have been crossfiting for a year and a half now. After only 5 months of crossfiting, last year after competing in the open I managed to sit 2nd which advanced me to the central east regionals, where I ended up 12th. This March I qualified for Weightlifting Nationals where I will be competing in Utah in hopes of qualifying for the 2014 World Championships. I train many hours in the gym while working 25-30 hours a week and going to school. Before crossfit I was in gymnastics, weightlifting and track & field. This year in the open I am currently sitting in 6th in hopes of standing on the podium to advance to the 2014 Crossfit Games.
At about the time of 2013 regional’s these were my Crossfit STATS: Snatch: 135 Clean & jerk: 175 Deadlift: 265 Front squat: 165 Split Jerk: 200 Diane: 2:02 Fran: 3:07
Now we move on to the new and improved Alyssa of 2014: Snatch: 155 Clean & jerk:200 Deadlift:325 Front squat: 215 Split jerk: 225 Diane: 1:52 Fran 2:37
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