From Couch to 5K – Beginner Running Workout from Brand Ambassador Jamie

We first introduced you to Shefit Brand Ambassador Jamie earlier this year when she shared her journey of courage and strength after receiving a pacemaker at the age of 29.  Jamie is using her #StrongBeauty to coach and inspire others to find fitness through running. Jamie-Running

“Like any good fitness plan, the key is to start slow,” says Jamie. “When I first started running I couldn’t run more than pole to pole with out having to walk. I now run 5K’s, 10K’s and even half-marathon’s.”  So for all of you #ShefitFans who are interested in getting into running but just not sure where to start, here are Jamie’s top tips:

  1. Join a training group such as “Couch to 5K”
  2. If an official training group isn’t your thing, find a friend and become running buddies
  3. Hold each other accountable – it’s harder to miss a workout when a friend is counting on you
  4. Set a goal, such as signing up for a local 5K race
  5. Follow a fun run/walk program so that you start slow and ease into training
  6. Eat right and get plenty of fluids
  7. Consider adding weight training to your fitness routine to build muscle and strength
  8. Get your miles in – prepping for any takes getting your miles in – commit to running 3 days a week
  9. Have fun and enjoy crossing that finish line!
Jamie-Weights Jamie-lifting Jamie-lifting-2