Do this work out if you want Michelle Obama arms!

HIIT warm up 10-15 min repeat cycle: Watch Shefit Founder, Sara take you through her warm up:

Treadmill highest incline at pace of 1.2 40 (20 each leg) jumping lunge with glute contraction 12-15 hip thrust push up 12-15 diamond jumps Rest 30 sec repeat cycle for 10-15 min Sexy tank top arms: Move from one move right to next, when the circuit is complete once do a set of the abs for 25 at the bottom, rest then repeat the workout increasing in weight for 2-4 complete rotations through. 10 pushups 24 bicep curl blasters ( 8 full curls, 8 half curls, 8 full curls) 15 shoulder presses 10 pushups 15 tricep press downs 15 bent over rows 10 push ups 15 lateral raises 15 tricep kick backs 10 tricep pulse backs 25 (pick one of these moves to do at the end of each rotation: if your really advanced do all 3. V ups, side oblique abs, speed crunches, bicycle abs slow) Congrats! You just made it through a tough HIIT workout from Shefit Founder, Sara. Do this workout 3 times per week and you’ll have Michelle Obama arms by summer!

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