Workout Wednesday – Beauty Back and Bis

Happy #WorkoutWednesday – We’ve been working hard on getting your arms summer ready and let’s not stop now! Keep up the momentum with this challenging work out from Shefit Founder, Sara Marie! HITT Warm Up:  

1)Speed skaters for 40 count 20 on each leg or timer at 30 seconds 2) Go right into depth push ups for 10-15 (to modify go on your knees) 3) Go right into mountain climber push up aim for 10-15 (modify the push-up to knees) 4) REST for10 seconds then repeat for 10-15 min of HIIT. Back and Bis: Do each round for 10-15 reps, only rest at the end of the full round for a full 60-90 sec . Repeat the round for 2-4x First round: back Pendalay rows as pictured High row rope pulls Low row seated machine as pictured Position 1 Position 2 Power ball slams Round 2: bis Seated curls Preacher curls with barbell Hammer curls X jumps Finish with ABS: 25 each 1-3x Leg lifts Speed crunches Bicycles