#WorkoutWednesday – Shoulder and Tricep Banger!

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Grab your sports bra and booty shorts because this workout is going to be tough, but you’ll be thanking us tomorrow!  Shoulder and Tricep banger workout: HIIT warmup : Watch Shefit Founder, Sara Marie take you through the warm up below: Do each move for 15-20 reps with a 10 sec rest. Repeat the round for 10-15x Jump squat Jumping lunge Half burpee Diamond push up Pike hold 20 sec Banger workout: Round 1: 10-15 reps repeat the round 3-4x Tri set (move from move right to the next no rest) Seated shoulder press Standing cable front raises Upright rows:

sara4 sara3 Round 2: 10-15 reps repeat 3-4x Lateral raises   Round 3: 10-15 reps repeat 3-4x Thrusters   Round 4: 10-15 reps repeat 3-4x Rope press downs:


Dips Round 5: Same as above Tricep Cable cross overs: sara1

Dips Round 6: Same as above Overhead extensions Dips 50 abs 25 bicycles 25 double crunches Be sure to drink a lot of water and refuel with a post recovery snack!


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