#WorkoutWednesday – Strong & Beautiful Back, Bis and Tri

Happy #WorkoutWednesday Shefit Fans! Today we are going to continue with our HITT Warm Up:

Complete 3-4 rounds. Resting for 20 sec after each round.  1st round 10 reps, 2nd round 15 reps, 3rd round 20 and 4th 25 reps. Push ups Kettle bell swings Sumo squats Knee tucks And now for the workout! Back, Bis and Tri 28 Push: 4 sets of each move the whole set totaling 4 looks like this: 28: 7 normal/normal speed 7 slow reps 7 from the top 7 from the bottom That’s the 4 sets, once each move is completed at that breakdown go to the next move in each group. Group 1: Straight bicep curl Lying tricep extensions Bent over rows Group 2: Seated incline curls Standing overhead tri extensions Lat pull downs Group 3: Hammer curls Rope tri press downs Seated or machine rows as pictured: This is a machine row:

sara-seated-row-e1402510299326 sara-seated-row-2-e1402510288347 This is a seated row:

seated-row-3 sara-seated-row-4

Group 4: Preacher bicep curls (machine) Tri kickbacks Standing one arm pull down (as pictured) Sara-One-Arm-Pulldown

Have a strong beautiful day! XO, Shefit Sara