Get Bootylicious With This Big Booty Workout!

Sara Marie’s Big Booty Workout! Hiit warm up: 3-4 rounds each 20 sec rest between.  Incline treadmill or hill: 40 jumping walking lunge with glute contraction Side lateral squat hops each side 12-15 180 degree jump squats 15 each Workout: 3-4 sets of each round12-20 reps per move rest between each round  Round 1:  Deadlifts Donkey kicks each leg weighted, bands or no weights Bench hops Round 2: Weighted bridges Side abductor cross overs (as in video below) See video here: Round 3:  Weighted step ups Weighted grouchos each leg Round 4: Abductor machine Adductor machine Reverse lunge Happy Big Booty Day!!!!