Shefit Weekly Workout: A Workout That Will Tone and Lean Out The Legs

600 High Impact sports bra expert reveals… Shefit Weekly Workout: A workout that will tone and lean out the legs. Hiit Warmup: Do each move all the way through and then rest for 20 seconds. Then repeat this for 4-5 rounds.
    • 40 total Jumping lunges with glute contraction on a treadmill incline if you have access, if not then on the ground.
  • Sprints for 30 seconds
  • 15 v ups
  • 25 bicycle abs
  • 15 sit ups

    Lean Leg Workout: Do each move below for 12-20 reps, then when the circuit is complete rest for 90 seconds and repeat the circuit for 3-5 rounds 400

Do 20 reps of each of the moves below:

    • Jumping squats with a band or weight
  • Donkey kick backs (as pictured on the bottom)
  • Grouchos each leg (get into a squat and then lunge forward with right leg come back to squat and lunge forward with left leg, that’s a groucho and that is 1 rep)
  • Lunge knee lunge with weights each leg
    This is a great workout. Take your time engage your muscles and focus on form. Try to increase the reps and weights each round if you can. If you are a beginner it’s ok. Try getting through as many reps and rounds as you can. Moderate to advanced can do the same thing. Advanced girls will be at the max reps and rounds. You will get there, I promise. Don’t give up and keep a record of what you did so next time you can push yourself farther. If your noticing that when your sprinting or doing these plyometric moves: That your breast are bouncing all over the place, or that your falling out the top or bottom of your bra, then you need to grab yourself a better bra. Your workouts should not be hindered by the inability to get in a good sweat, due to lack of proper performance enhancing equipment: AKA: THE SPORTS BRA. Let’s face it, it’s our most important piece of equipment we have. Don’t sell yourself short. The Shefit® bra does just that. No more will you have to worry and you can finally focus on a killer workout at any level. The Shefit® bra is unlike any other sports bra on the market. Finally, you set your own fit. You can customize the strap fit based on the vertical lift you desire with no stretch or falling straps. In the bust band, finally you can set the fit as lose or tight as you desire and you don’t have to worry about falling out or the bottom or it stretching out. No more the bra fitting you, you fit your bra. If your looking to get an adjustable, high performance, high impact sports bra for large breasts or small breast then Shefit is the answer! Performance enhancing equipment at its finest, a custom fit for any body and any workout! Go get it and don’t ever give up on your goals! Empower the strength and beauty within! In health and fitness, Sara Marie We’re on Pinterest! Check out our boards aim to help you with your health and fitness and so much more!