High Impact Sports Bra Expert Reveals Tips For Running With Large Breasts


High Impact Sports Bra Designers Talks Tips For Running With Large Breasts Through observations and asking friends (who most would say are ‘blessed’ with bigger breasts) how do you cage the girls, I was shocked to find out that some just ban exercises like running or jumping all together.  I get it though; most people don’t want to do things that are uncomfortable.  For some, working out on its own is an uncomfortable experience, let alone having another issue to deal with.  However, being well endowed shouldn’t keep you from living a healthy life.   Today I am sharing some tips on how to remove the excuse of having unhappy girls in order for you to enjoy running, jumping and other bouncy feeling movements. My number one tip is to invest in a supportive sports bra, one that is designed with a largest breast in mind.  This is the exact reason behind my business and why I believe so much in my product, Shefit.  Trust me, the investment is worth it and you will feel a million times better knowing you have that bra on during your exercise. The Shefit Sports Bra is the first totally custom adjustable sports bra with one-inch wide shoulder straps providing comfort and support through adjust-ability. Dispersing the weight of the bust is important to take the pressure off of the shoulders.  Giving you complete control of the fit, you can determine the vertical lift of your breasts without the fear of them falling out of the bottom. The comfort of a two-inch-wide elastic band with more than 8 inches of adjust-ability creates a supportive shelf to support the weight off the shoulders; it also keeps you from falling out the bottom. I always hated that feeling, as the band stretched out overtime it never was snug enough to my desired fit. Shefit leaves you in comfort and confidence with any type of physical activity you may encounter.  With Shefit you can tackle exercise head on without any additional worries to hold you back.  The girls are secure and ready to take on your fitness journey! Additional Tips and Tricks: 1) Replace your bras.  Just like with shoes, clothes, etc, they don’t last forever.  See what you can afford and every so often buy all new bras. 2) For extra support wear a tank top with a built in shelf on top of your sports bra.  The added support can help keep the girls in place and leave very little room for them to move around. 3) If you have lower back pain due to a larger breast size, then it is extremely important to work on strengthening your core.  You need a strong lower back and abdominals to support your chest.  Make sure you incorporate these exercises into your plan at least three times a week.  Exercises such as: planks, superman, back extensions, sit-ups, leg lowers, are all great to strengthen those areas. 4) Sadly, a larger chest can mean bad posture.  Some forms of exercises that are great at creating great posture are techniques used in Yoga and Pilates.  Try adding these classes into your week to help correct your posture.  They emphasize elongating muscles and lengthening your spine.  Both are great for your body to keep your chest up and shoulders rolled back out of a hunched position. 5) To ease into exercise try movements and cardiovascular exercises that do not require much bouncing.  Take advantage of the great outdoors and go for a hike.  Finding a hike with an incline can do wonders for your glutes as well.  Hit the pavement with your bike too or find a spinning class.  Swimming is a great way to stay active too or try speed walking.  Whatever it is, it is summer, get yourself outside and move! 6) If you feel uncomfortable in a gym, then maybe check out one of the group classes that are offered.  Typically you will find others that feel the same as you.  The great thing about group class is everyone is trying to pay attention to the instructor on what they need to do rather than on each other. 7) Instead of running on a treadmill, increase the incline and speed walk.  This not only puts your heart in an excellent fat burning zone, but it will shape your glutes and thighs nicely as well.  All without the extra bounce of the girls distracting you of making you uncomfortable. 8) Following some of these tips will at the very least get you more comfortable with exercise.  It may take a few attempts to feel comfortable exercising with large breasts it is a new habit and experience to adapt to.  If you have any additional tips I would love to hear them! They say it takes 30 days to form a new habit.  Keep it up, you will find your grove and comfort in no time!

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