Welcome February! We've Been Waiting For You!

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Hello February!

The first month of 2017 is done and gone! Can you believe it?! However, we can’t scoff at February because it is one of the best months of the year. I mean, how could the month of love NOT be one of your favorites? So, to honor February and because we love love, that’s what we are going to focus on this month at Shefit: love.

February is traditionally the month where you tell those you love how you feel about them, celebrate love on the most notorious Hallmark holiday’s in your calendar, eat a lot of Pepto pink sugary treats with the word “love” written on them, and so on. But, hold for anticipation, 2017 is the year of unprecedented change, squad! This year, February is going to be about loving yourself as best as you can. And with Shefit’s help, maybe you can approach self-love and how to “treat yo self” with a fresh eye.

Self love, knowing your own "Love Language", and knowing the "Love Language" of those around you are all more important topics than we can even understand. Knowledge of those around us is what makes us positive influences in every interaction we encounter. And the knowledge of how to take care of your girls?? We think that's a top priority kind of important too!

First “treat yo self” opportunity is to check out Shefit’s brand new line of lounge/seamless bras. It’s like you’re getting a Valentine’s Day gift for your boobs. Important as the idea of no bounce may be, giving your girls support while letting them breathe shows them a kind of love only found in a Nicholas Spark movie. And for $26, this is a type of affection that will show your bank account some love too. 

We are going to leave you with your first love yourself challenge, ok? We want you to hug yourself in public, have a friend take a picture, throw it online onto Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag us (all handles are found at the bottom of this page). Use the hashtag #jughug, and the Shefit team will select a winner to receive a special surprise from our squad on Valentines Day! You can do this, guys! Ready….go.


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