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Revolutionizing the sports bra!

We are more than just the manufacturer of the world's only custom adjustable sports bra, Shefit is on a mission to provide innovative solutions that offer women of every athletic level the support they need to accomplish their goals. A bra finally exists that transcends the confines of the traditional sports bra. The Shefit Ultimate high-impact sports bra has revolutionized the way support functions and feels, for any size, age or athletic level.

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We believe bras shouldn’t discriminate and should be as unique as the women that wear them - petite to curvy, young to mature, pro to weekend warrior. In simple terms, body size or type becomes irrelevant because we have a bra that will fit you, and will adjust to your unique shape. It's your bra, your way, and you should set your perfect fit.

Sara Marie

Founder and Creator of Shefit

"Shefit was born from true necessity – I was frustrated and depressed, wearing multiple bras at one time and modifying them with clips and bands. As a former collegiate athlete and pro fitness competitor, I was no stranger to the numerous active lifestyle products that were available. I had tried all the best bras on the market, and they all fell short of what I needed. I was looking for custom support that fit my needs. I wanted to set my desired fit and support, not only in the shoulder straps, but in the bust band as well. Nothing like this existed. All bras made me fit them, not the other way around. While I had struggled for some time, I hadn’t realized the full effect it had on me until I was pregnant with my first child. During pregnancy, my chest became out of control. I found myself growing depressed because I had to walk away from workouts that I could normally tackle. I was in pain from the bounce and weight of my breasts; I was so self conscious and worried about what others thought when they saw me bouncing everywhere. It was in that moment when I knew that there had to be a better way and my first prototype was born. That first version was basically the Frankenstein of sports bras, I cobbled together fabrics and pieces of existing bras. It wasn’t pretty, but it did the job. I finally could set my bra the way I wanted. At the time, I had no intentions of starting a business, I was just trying to solve my own problem. The same problem so many others struggle with too. Over time, we've come up with a magnificent product geared toward supporting every woman of every size and fitness level."

Sara Marie, the Inventor

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