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Shefit Celebrity Squad
Thousands of women have discovered the benefits of Shefit sports bras - the fact that you're reading this means that you've got your eye on making that discovery for yourself. Women who know and love our products are part of our Shefit Squad - and, girl, we've got Squad Goals! Here are a few faces you might recognize they're our Celebrity Squad.
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Jaclyn (Schultz) Misch - Miss Michigan USA, 2013, jumped feet-first into the national spotlight when she became a contestant on "Survivor: San Juan del Sur - Blood vs. Water." Jaclyn was voted to the position of runner-up on the 29th season of the CBS competitive reality television series. "It's 40 days; 40 days I was out there," Jaclyn said of her experience on the show. "I thought about what to bring when I was preparing - you have to pick one bikini and one bra. I chose a 'regular' bra and a bikini that had a little more support," she continued. "You know you're going to be doing a lot of physical challenges and you don't want to pop out anywhere. The bras I chose were not as structured as I would have wanted them to be, if I would have had a Shefit bra, it would have been better, I would have felt more comfortable."


Jaclyn is, also, the spokeswoman for the “Beautiful You MRKH Foundation.” MRKH is a syndrome that is present at birth, causing women – including her – to be born without a uterus. Jaclyn has been working to spread awareness and provide support to girls and women across the globe who are diagnosed. Beautiful You MRKH Foundation is an organization Shefit is proud to support, click here for information.

Shefit Squad Jaclyn Misch

Kimberly Olson, PhD, CNC, CPT - FitKim

Kimberly "FitKim" Olson -  Nationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert Kimberly Olson, PhD, CNC, CPT is the creator of FitKim, a nutrition and fitness blog that teaches "super busy moms how to be super healthy." After gaining over 40 pounds in college and on several medications, she found herself completely rundown and embarrassed about the way she looked. When she turned 21, she was surviving off of animal crackers, Pepsi One, and fast food. Before she knew it, she got really sick, had severe ulcers in her stomach and her body started shutting down. Instead of getting another prescription, she decided to figure this whole “health thing” out.

Kimberly became completely consumed with how to cook clean meals and fit in exercise. She lost all the extra weight, started feeling awesome and decided to dedicate her life to teaching others how to do the same. As a mom of two toddlers, she has a unique passion for helping moms get their bodies back and cook the right food for their families.

FitKim has been wearing a Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra since the first generation of the bra and has been a fan and fitness partner sharing the story of Shefit in person - woman-to-woman - as well as on regional television segments. 

FitKim for Shefit

MARIA RENDINA - Miss Michigan Teen USA, 2015

Maria Rendina -  In 2015 Maria reigned as Miss Michigan Teen USA. She enjoys cooking, make-up & fashion, and fitness. In 2016 Maria joined the Shefit Squad as co-host of our YouTube channel where she uses her passion for making videos and sharing tips and tricks with on-line viewers. Before Maria even considered picking up the camera and microphone for "The Shefit Show," Maria tried a Shefit sports bra. "I wear mine racer-back style, but I've seen it worn both ways," she shared. "I really like the look of it either way; even if you wear it under a shirt it can look really cool and active. It has the ability to give one bra a completely different look because it has both configurations built in." 

When asked about the adjustability, Maria said, "I, FOR SURE, like that the bra is adjustable. It’s great to be able to just quick lift when you want more support, then loosen up the same bra when you want a more comfortable fit - and either way you’re supported and fully protected!"

Maria is studying broadcast journalism at Grand Valley State University in Michigan and is an active member of Delta Zeta sorority on campus. Check her out on the Shefit YouTube channel.

Shefit Squad Maria Rendina


Crystal Bradford -  After finishing her NCAA division one college basketball career as a breakout star at CMU - she went to the top of the school’s record books in four categories: scoring (2,006), rebounding (1,140), made field goals (805) and blocked shots (177) - Crystal became a pro. Crystal was drafted in the fist round by the Los Angeles professional women's basketball team - she was the seventh overall pick in the 2015 Draft. 

She was named MAC Player of the year in 2014, just one year after earning a gold medal with USA Basketball at the 2013 World University Games.

Crystal has been wearing Shefit on and off the courts since her college days. She was one of the premiere Legacy Shefit Squad members. She said, "Shefit gives me complete confidence, it holds me up so nothing can hold me down." 

Shefit Squad Crystal

MICHELLE DEFRAITES - Actress, Project Almanac

Michelle DeFraites -  In 2015, you may have seen her playing the typical "mean girl" in Michael Bay’s Project Almanac. While there’s nothing mean about this girl off the screen, she’s no stranger to a killer workout. DeFraites, a Mississippi native, discovered her passion for the arts at an early age. With over ten years of dancing and local theater under her belt, Michelle launched into the chaos of Los Angeles and began tackling her career in entertainment.

With high pressure to stay at peak and on top of fitness in the world of dance and film, Shefit helps DeFraites crush her workouts. Michelle starred in Lifetime Network's Pregnancy Pact and has been featured in many popular television shows and movies - from House M.D. to Glee to Hannah Montana to U Rock the Summer. Michelle continues to hit the ground running - and dancing - with the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra, as a matter of fact, she's even got more than one color!

Shefit Squad Michelle DeFraites

SHARNA BURGESS - ABC's Dancing With The Stars

Sharna Burgess -  Probably best known as a pro from "Dancing With The Stars" on ABC, this dancing phenom is no stranger to performing. At the age of 15, Sharna was chosen to represent Australia at the World Championships of Dance, as well as perform at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games.

Sharna moved from Wagga Wagga, Australia to London to New York - where she danced with Burn The Floor on Broadway. She was added to the cast of "Dancing With The Stars" as a regular pro in Season 16. She and Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) made it to the finals of Season 21 where they danced their way to 2nd place - edged out by Bindi Irwin & Derek Hough. Sharna was spotted wearing the Shefit Original Sports Bra, placing her squarely on the Shefit Squad as an early adopter.

Shefit Squad Sharna Burgess


Valerie Smith - This Michigan native, and Team USA Bobsledder was introduced to the sport when a bobsled athlete visited Central Michigan University and told her to "just give it a shot!" She did and has been hooked ever since. Before being bitten by the bobsled bug, Val was a proud member of Team USA Volleyball.

Of course, as a top grade athlete, Val does a lot of heavy lifting which tends to be hard on a “normal” sports bras. Val shared with us the all too common experience of shopping for these outdated pieces, “I hated going sports bra shopping because I never knew what to shop for, with Shefit all of those problems have been solved." She continued, "Not only has Shefit been great for training, but also for every day - I absolutely love this bra and would recommend it to anyone!”

In competition, confidence is key! With the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra, Valerie has no problem reaching her full game-face potential. She told us: “The Shefit bra gives me the confidence - and the feminine touch - I need to stay positive during my training. Honestly, I didn't know how pretty and sexy I could feel during training until this bra. Plus, it gives great support and is very comfortable.”

Shefit Squad Valerie Smith


Michele Burmaster is the President of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance - a global organization committed to making fitness accessible, approachable and inclusive for people from all walks of life of any shape, size, age, gender, and ability. She also owns Surf City Fit Club in Huntington Beach, California. She competes regularly in kettlebell sport and coaches athletes from their first deadlift to competing in strength sports at high levels. Her entire life's mission is to allow every person to feel like they, too, can be fit and live an active lifestyle and that they are represented in the media and messages put out by the fitness industry.

When Shefit asked Michele about her experience with the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra, here's what she had to say:

"Kettlebell sport is heavily reliant on being comfortable for 10 minutes at a time while we lift bells over our heads without the opportunity to set them down. If any part of your clothing or equipment is "off", it can mess up your best competition really quickly. The Shefit bra is amazing for this in the sense that it keeps everything right where it belongs. Once my set starts, I don't have to worry about adjusting anything and can focus on putting up my best reps." Michele also added, "With its customizable features and a wide range of sizes, I'm confident in recommending this bra to anyone of any size from the utmost fitness beginner to the Olympic athlete. I am so grateful I found Shefit as I will never need another sports bra again. And we all know how hard the hunt is for something decent! I can wear it all day long - while I'm coaching and getting my own workouts in. I'm the CEO of two businesses, a coach, and a competitive athlete - this bra, for sure, keeps up with my demanding lifestyle."

Check out Body Positive Fitness online.

Shefit Squad Michele Burmaster

JADE HAYES - Pro Beach Volleyball

Jade graduated high school early to train at the University of Missouri for indoor division I volleyball. She played there for two seasons and graduated in two and a half years. She then transferred to the University of Central Florida to finish her indoor collegiate eligibility and to get her masters. She played Libero there for two seasons and had one semester left of eligibility in a different sport. So she transferred to the University of South Carolina to play Beach volleyball where she found her niche.

She had the opportunity to make an impact and start right away. Going 18-7, ending the season tournament at LSU 5-0, as the 4's pair, playing with Macie Tendrich.

Upon completing her eligibility, jade plays beach tournaments in Florida. Highlights are: She has placed 1st in one tournament in Vero with Sydney Potts, Beach win Dig the Beach. Third in St.Augustine, with Mandy McIntosh with FirstCoast, and third with Lexi Dannemiller, in Cocoa Beach with Dig the Beach.

She currently is the Director of Volleyball Operations at the University of Central Florida. She also Coaches indoor- and beach- volleyball. She loves the opportunity coaching gives to impact the next generation. One way she does this is through mentoring and discipling young women; meeting for coffee, or through praying and sharing devotionals at her practices.

One of her favorite quotes is: "Young eyes are always watching, be the person you want them to become."

Jade Hayes Shefit Celebrity Squad

NATASHA VAN DER MERWE - Pro Tennis & Pro Triathlete

Born in Kimberley, South Africa, Natasha Van Der Merwe comes from a family of athletes and sports lovers. As a junior, Natasha competed at her highest levels in swimming, cross country, field hockey, biathlon, and tennis. Of those, tennis became her focus. She was the top-ranked junior in South Africa and ranked as high as top 50 in the world before becoming a professional tennis player. It was a career in tennis that brought Natasha to Texas in 2003. In 2008, a friend introduced her to the world of triathlon and she hasn't looked back since and, in 2010, turned professional. In 2014, she placed in the Top 10 of all her races, including a Top 3 at Challenge Atlantic City, before taking the position as the Director of Triathlon at Austin Aquatics and sports academy and turned into the largest team in Austin within a few short months. Natasha was named Austin's Best of 2016 "Best Triathlon Coach" by Austin Fit Magazine. She has just given birth to a daughter, Nadine, and will resume racing professionally on the Triathlon Ironman Circuit in 2017.

Being a brand new mom, with a newly developed chest, Natasha states, "Shefit bras were exactly what I needed to give me the support I needed while trying to resume training, to get back in shape, and to race professionally again."

Natasha has been using Shefit sports bras in her training and her journey to return to previous levels of activity, she shared with us: "The support that Shefit bras give is far superior to anything out on the market, and I had tried many other." She added, "Just as important as the support, is the adjustable straps feature. As I lose my pregnancy weight, the bra slims down with me and I don't have to buy new bras. This is a must have item for new moms like myself and anyone needing extra support up top."

Natasha Van Der Merwe

ANDREA KACSITS - Pro Volleyball

Andrea Kacsits is a recent graduate from Ohio State University where she was a varsity volleyball player and helped lead her team to a top 15 finish - 3 out of 4 years. Andrea started playing volleyball when she was 11, partially as an effort to help her makes friends when her family relocated from Michigan to Alabama. Since then she's worked hard to become an elite athlete.

Andrea is 6-foot, 4 and loves every inch of her height. She says her height has helped her explore both her athletic and personal avenues that many people could never dream of - including her current opportunity in Manila, Philippines! She is a professional volleyball player on the exact opposite side of the world from her hometown.

She has won two national championships, gone to the NCAA "Sweet 16" three times, played at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and is now living out her dream of being a professional volleyball player. When asked about her experiences, Andrea commented, "To say that all of these experiences have been surreal is a definite understatement! I can say I have been a professional athlete in another country, who else can say that?!?"

When not on the court, she loves wearing heels, talking to people, baking and has a special place in her heart for "Nancy Drew." She also admits to eating way too many cupcakes. Andrea says she uses her height as a conversation starter, she added, "I want to be the kind of person who breathes life into you, whether I have known you for years or minutes, and I welcome anyone who wants to have a conversation with me just for the sake of having it."

Andrea Shefit Squad Ultimate Sports Bra ProVolleyball


Maureen is part of the Baby Boot Camp Tribe. She is an active mom and a Baby Boot Camp Instructor. Baby Boot Camp prides itself on helping women get fit and be active while being a mother - all without having to hire a babysitter. Their motto is "Bring your baby. Get fit."

Maureen has been leading the stroller-based fitness revolution for mom and baby in Indiana and has discovered the benefits of the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra.

Recently, Maureen shared, "I've been wearing the Shefit Sports Bra during all my workouts for the past several months. Whether it's Baby Boot Camp Strollfit classes, yoga, or running a 5K, I have never felt this much support in a sports bra. I've been an athlete most of my life and I am excited to finally find something that is comfortable and strong enough to keep the girls in place so I can focus on my clients or my own successful workout. I'm excited to continue to share this great product with my clients, friends, family, and fellow fitness professionals!"

Shefit Squad Maureen Rousseve

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