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Shefit puts our customers full front. Because of this, we are endorsed by professionals and organizations who share our common view of a comfortable, secure, and overall positive lifestyle. We at Shefit are incredibly proud of the support of Dr. Brad Bengtson. He has written landmark textbooks, book chapters, and reviewed journal articles and lectures globally about his work. Dr. Bengtson is a patent holder of eight medical device patents. In recognition of his research and his passion for his patients, their families, and the community they live in, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has awarded Dr. Bengtson two prestigious awards for Best Annual Research. Additionally, he is an educator, an innovator, and a proud endorser of the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra. Dr. Bengtson strongly believes that the Shefit bra has a great mix of scientific strength, structural support, and comfortable compression for women. 

“Shefit is a uniquely designed sports bra with patented adjustability for maximum support. We have scientifically studied the Shefit design, and it allows even recent postoperative breast patients increased early mobility, activity with significantly improved comfort.”
- Dr. Brad Bengtson, MD, FACS

Comfortable Compression

Designed to provide the perfect range of compression without being overly constrictive.

"I have seen, first hand," said Dr. Bengtson, "significantly less pain and discomfort,improved stability and support, along with a much faster return to functional activity in my patients who have benefited from using the Shefit sports bra."

Find the Bengtson Center on the web at:

Dr.Bengtson's Key Points on Shefit
  •  • Creates up to 35% more lift and maintained support than standard sports bras
  •  • Excellent Support without excessive compression
  •  • Beautiful, sturdy ergonomic design

"I am dedicated to helping my patients achieve natural and proportional results that are restored, refined, and renewed. The Bengtson Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Michigan was founded to provide you with exceptional care, and excellent safe outcomes, coupled with the highest level of personal service for our patients, their families, friends, and our community."
          - Brad Bengtson MD, FACS

Dr. Brad Bengtson offers patients in Michigan natural results that do not appear operated or "overdone." Fine detail and excellence are central not only to your surgical procedure or treatment, but also to your entire experience. An innovator in the science of aesthetic surgery, Dr. Bengtson has authored landmark textbooks, book chapters, and peer-reviewed journal articles, and he lectures regionally, nationally, and internationally. He was a lead investigator for the recently approved Natrelle Style 410 Highly Cohesive Gel implant in the United States, and founding member of Allergan's Executive Council. He is a patent holder of eight medical devices, and an international educator and leader in breast aesthetic research. Dr. B has received two prestigious Tiffany Awards for the Best Annual Research by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2009. 




Dr Bengtson Awards


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