We believe we're exceptional the way we are. We deserve essential gear that rises to the occasion. We need a bra that refuses to settle.

For women of all shapes and sizes, Shefit beats the bounce and lifts our confidence.

With unparalleled, scientifically-back support, we finally move the way we were born to.

We are determined to change a broken industry, one bra at a time. The fitness industry has defined what a ‘fit woman’ looks like. We decided it was time to demolish that stigma. We proudly stand with women of all shape and sizes. We stand behind our Sisterhood. We tell your stories. We use you in our marketing. And, we LOVE to hear from you. Our Customer Support Team will make sure you are taken care of and our Social Team loves to chat with you! We proudly give back to women by supporting local charities and giving the gift of support to women who need it most.

Sara Marie, a world-ranked fitness competitor and mother of four girls, had tried all of the so-called best sports bras on the market, sometimes wearing two or three bras at a time. They all fell short, leaving her frustrated, self-conscious, and depressed.

She wanted to be able to set her level of fit and support, but nothing like that existed. The bras made her fit them, not the other way around. It forced her to hold back, to modify her workouts. She refused to settle.

Sara Marie realized she wasn’t alone. Women all over shared in her struggle. She knew there had to be a better way and she set out to fix it. So, armed with a maternity bra and glue gun, she created the first SHEFIT prototype. She was determined to provide support and empower women of all shapes and sizes in an industry that over-emphasized perfection.




Traditional sizes can be tricky. Please view our bust and rib cage measurement chart for the most accurate fit.