SHEFIT® tops are made to keep you cool while providing the coverage you desire. Our tops are sized the same as our Sports Bras. Measure for a more precise fit.




XSmall 29-32" 39.5"
Small 31-37" 39.5-40.5"
Medium 34-38" 40.5-42.5"
Luxe 36-41" 42.5-45"
1Luxe 38-43" 45-47.25"
2Luxe 41-46" 47.25-49.25"
3Luxe 44-48" 49.25-51.25"
4Luxe 46-50" 51.25-53.25"
5Luxe 49-53" 53.5-55.25"
6Luxe 51-55" 55.25-57.25"

For Clip Tank sizes use your SHEFIT Sports Bra size.

Not sure How to measure?
Don't worry,we have you covered.
Step 1 Measure Bust

1. Measure Bust

While wearing a bra, measure around the fullest part of your bust.

Step 2 Measure Hip

2. Measure Hip

Measure around the fullest part of your hips, just below your hipbones.


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