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At Shefit, we believe bras shouldn’t discriminate, that’s why our sports bra accommodates women of every size—petite to plus, young to old, pro to weekend warrior. In simple terms, your size is irrelevant because we have a bra that will fit you! We understand the essence of every woman both literally and figuratively. That’s why we aim for extreme size diversity and multiple methods of support. We know each woman is different and expects something different from her bra. We want to support you through any activity—from gardening to sprinting—and make you feel confident to take on the world.

We know that sports bras are one of, if not THE, most essential piece of active clothing a woman owns. So let’s put it this way: Supporting you is our priority, and at Shefit we want to help you become an extraordinary version of yourself. Let us support you on your journey to becoming the best, most fabulous version of yourself.




It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that every woman is different and so is her body. That said, how are all women expected to fit into the same, generic bra sizes? Here’s the answer: It’s not going to happen! It’s completely unrealistic. And that’s what makes Shefit stand apart from the rest. The uniqueness of every woman and her body is at the core of our creation process. We were founded on those exact principles, born from a true necessity – our founder was frustrated and depressed, wearing multiple bras at one time and modifying them with clips and bands... that first version HAD to have looked like the Frankenstein of sports bras! But, over time, we've come up with a magnificent product geared toward supporting every woman of every size and fitness level. Whether you work out multiple times a day or jog a couple times a week, managing excessive bounce is something every active woman faces—regardless of cup size! And let’s be real: Taming the tatas can be a serious struggle. In fact, if you’re anything like us, excessive bounce can even limit the intensity of your workouts, which isn’t ok!

As frustration and insecurities grew from our unfulfilling workouts, so did the determination to figure out a solution to this issue. That’s when the quest to create the perfect sports bra began. With a touch of hot glue, a needle & thread, scissors and several sports bras that didn’t fit right, Sara Marie, the founder and CEO of Shefit Inc., concocted the first Shefit sports bra. Although it looked funky, the homemade sports bra was a remarkable success! (I mean, here we are 10 years later—and with a much cuter version!)

The day the Shefit sports bra was born was the day that proved it’s not impossible to have a superior bra that fits perfectly and offers excellent, high impact support. The size of your breasts should never define your fitness goals—It’s the 21st century, ladies! May your workout gear never let you feel self-conscious again!

A bra finally exists that transcends the confines of the traditional sports bra. Hallelujah! The Shefit high-impact sports bra has revolutionized the way support is supposed to function and feel; because a poorly fitting bra shouldn’t be the thing that stops you from living the active lifestyle you want to live.

Once you make the switch, we’re certain the Shefit sports bra will be your new breast friend. We can’t wait to support you!


Shefit Sara Marie
Founder Sara Marie



As a health and fitness advocate for as long as she can remember, founder and CEO, Sara Marie, lives the life of a quintessential power house - with accomplishments ranging from Miss Michigan Teen USA and Mrs. Michigan America to a 3rd place world PRO finish at the WBBF and a current IFBB Bikini Pro. Sara has made being successful an art. She’s been featured in many fitness, pageant, and business magazines, such as: Oxygen, Success, and Pageantry. And has appeared as a model and a contributor in many additional publications.

On top of her high-profile victories and being the founder and CEO of Shefit Inc., Sara is also a full time wife and mother to a beautiful family. Pursuing life with passion and tenacity, her success in business, beauty, and health is meant to serve a much larger purpose—and that’s to be a solid example to her four daughters. In everything she does, she hopes to set the standard of what it means to be a strong, beautiful trailblazer for her girls.

With her dedication to making women feel empowered and inspired, Sara has no plans to slow down. Our Ultimate Sports Bra is only the beginning of what you’ll see and experience here at Shefit. We can’t wait to support you along your active journey!

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