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Time to tone those arms! With spring break just around the corner, everyone wants to show off tan, toned arms!

Many women shy away from hitting the weights for fear of getting ‘bulky’. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Building muscle will help your body burn fat more efficiently, and help you to build a strong slender figure! 

Try this circuit for your next arm day:

1. Tricep Kickback (10 Reps)

Arm Workout for Women

Start with feet together, lean forward to 90-degrees. Straighten arms to activate your tricep muscles and go back to starting position.

 2.  Bicep Curl (10 Reps)

Arm Workout for Women

Start a weighted bar or with a dumbbell in each hand, curl arms up to work your biceps. Repeat.

3. Upright Row (10 Reps)

Arm Workout for Women

Start with a weighted bar. You will want to hold the bar with fists pointed down and your palm facing you, arms extended. Bring the bar up top the top of your SHEFIT bra. Elbows should be in line with your shoulder. Repeat.

4. Push up (10 Reps)

Arm Workout for Women

Start in a high-plank position and lower down, keep your elbows pointed behind you. If you need to modify this move you can always drop to your knees. This move is great to strengthen your chest, core, and keeps you back muscles engaged! These are important muscle groups to work to keep your posture in tip-top shape!

5. Chest Press (10 Reps)

Arm Workout for Women

Start on your back with a dumbbell in each hand, arms straight above your shoulders. Lower your arms to 90 degrees. You can modify this by raising your hips into a bridge.

6. Shoulder Press(10 Reps)

Arm Workout for Women

With your hands on a weighted bar start with your elbows wide and your bar at chin level. Press your arms straight up, and bring the bar down to the base of your neck behind your head. Reverse the movement to go back to the starting point.  

Do this circuit 3-4 times through to get a full arm workout in and be beach ready in no time! Don’t forget to grab your SHEFIT Ultimate Flex so you are supported in your workout!

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