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Your boobs are a part of you throughout your entire life. Yet, there are so many myths about the girls. What causes sagging? Can a bra give you a higher risk of breast cancer? Why is one boob bigger than the other? Does side sleeping cause one breast to become larger than the other? Do boobs stop growing in your teen years? Who knew two bags of fat could have so many myths and facts surrounding them? We dug deeper than a Kardashian's plunging neckline to find a few answers.

Wearing a bra can cause breast cancer
MYTH. There is no scientific evidence to support this. Susan G. Komen cites a study completed in 1991, which states that women who don’t wear bras had a lower risk of developing breast cancer. Unfortunately, many did not consider outside variables. Women who don’t wear bras are more likely to be thinner, thus decreasing their risk of developing most cancers. There was also a fad that stated the underwire in bras compresses lymph nodes, which increases the risk. Luckily, the American Cancer Society claims this is not true and there is no direct causal link between cancer and bras.

Bigger Boobs = higher risk of breast cancer
INCONCLUSIVE. Some studies have found a link between breast size and the risk of breast cancer, others have stated there is no link. For this one, more research must be done to conclude.

Wearing a bra to bed prevents sagging
MYTH. Not only is this very uncomfortable, but it is very much a myth. Marilyn Monroe did it, and she looked great. Believe what you want, but unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to back up this idea. Set the girls free tonight.

Not wearing a bra causes sagging
MYTH AND FACT. Gravity and aging are huge factors in boob sagging. Your everyday bra won't do much to help – or hurt – your future sag. One study actually suggests a potential link between wearing a bra everyday and sagging. The claim is that the bra weakens the breasts supportive tissues.

Sports bras, however, can be very helpful in preventing sag. A properly fitting, supportive sports bra can prevent skin stretch or strain on Coopers Ligaments resulting from higher impact activities. Less bounce when active can result in less sag over time.

Poor lifestyle choices increases sagging
FACT. Another reason to put down the cigarettes and pick up clean eating habits. Smoking increases the rate of sagging, as it weakens the skin’s collagen or connective tissues. This, along with poor diet and excessive tanning, can have the same effects.

Certain exercises can prevent sagging
MYTH. You’ve never been told to “lift with your boobs.” This is because they are made up of fat, not muscle. Unfortunately, there are no squats to keep the perk in your pecks. However, building muscles underneath the breast tissue may gain the illusion of larger, perkier breasts.

Breastfeeding increases sagging
MYTH. Although the link seems to make sense, this is definitely a myth. It has been proven that sagging is caused by pregnancy, not post-natal activity. Healthy weight maintenance during pregnancy can help prevent this.

Gaining weight means bigger boobs
MYTH. Just like the rest of your body, gaining weight can mean gaining fat in your breasts. Unlike muscle training, you cannot direct the fat to only your boobs, so extra cake doesn’t mean extra cups.

Uneven is okay
FACT. Many women have one boob that’s bigger than the other. Typically, it’s the left one, but no one is certain as to why this is – but, we do know, it has nothing to do with sleep position. Side sleepers are not more apt to have uneven breast sizes.

Average American Cup Size is 34DD
FACT. Just 20 years ago, American women were typically wearing a 34B. In 2014, a survey showed that the average size is now 34DD. Factors such as obesity and toxins/pollution are the main contributors. There is also a possibility that companies have inflated the labels of their sizes. Your breasts will continue to fluctuate in size throughout your life, you should take time to get a professional bra fitting each year just to ensure you are wearing the right size bra year after year.

We understand that there is a lot of information out there and it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. You’ve probably heard the exact opposite from internet articles and/or your gabby next door neighbor. But now that you can separate the myths from the facts when it comes to your gals, you’re armed and ready to put your best chest forward.