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Bras: Are you wearing the Right Size?

One of the best parts of the day is coming home and triumphantly peeling off your bra. But did you know that some of that discomfort is associated with wearing the wrong bra size? Statistics have shown that approximately 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. With numbers like that, chances are that you need to go bra shopping. But how do you know if you are wearing the wrong size? There are many signs to look out for.

Compression and comfort
Consider compression and comfort. If your sports bra does nothing but make you feel cute doing your workout, you should think to get one with more support or double check that you're in the right size. Jump up and down a few times. If that runs the risk of your boobs knocking you out, it’s time to grab a new bra.

If both of the girls are spilling over the cups and causing you to have extra mounds in the middle, then you should know this is not what a pushup bra is supposed to do. Try going up a cup size.

Excess fabric
If the sides of your cups can be used as pouches and the fabric of the cups are saggy, don’t allow your boobs to do the same. Go down a cup size.

Underwire that pokes and digs
Give your skin and ribcage a break. If a bra has underwire, it is supposed to help, not hurt. Try going up a cup or a band size.

Check your straps
If you fall victim to constantly reaching under your sweater to pull up your straps, first try tightening them. The next step is to check your shoulders: if there are painful indents from wearing your bra all day, your band size may be the culprit. Get the right support and avoid neck and back pain.

The band
The band of everyday bra may stretch throughout its life, especially when going through the wash. If you’re finding that you’re on the last hook, it may just be from wear, but still check your band size and splurge on the right fit.

Get measured
Go to any department or specialty store with lingerie or intimates. It takes just five minutes out of your shopping trip and can point you in the right direction. Plus, it’s free. You should be getting measured at least once a year, or after any drastic weight gain or loss, as your boobs are made mostly of fat. Although fat distributes and maintains throughout everyone’s body differently, it’s important to get measured anyway. Your new body could need a new bra, too.

Believe us, it is more than worth it to take the time and get your size right. By following the quick tips above, you will be able to find the right size and maximum comfort for you and your girls. You can thank us later.