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Keep active and stay home with this at-home full-body workout!

Christie Valdiserri’s at-home routine starts by working the glutes with some squats and building that core by throwing twists into the mix. Moving into arms, we are punching right and left while holding a squatting position. Make sure to stay low and punch in a circular motion, working those shoulders and triceps. Going onto core work, place yourself in a high plank position, and cycle through toe and shoulder taps. Then finish off with some cardio. Engage your muscles through each activity and feel the burn by the end! 


  • 8 squats
  • 8 squat with oblique twist
  • 16 squat pulses (add some fun poses w the arms!)



  • 16 Punches: right and left 
  • Arm circles:
  1. Circle back for 8x slow then pick it up double time  
  2. Add some steps front and back 
  3. Reverse it - circle front for 8x slow then pick it up double time 16x (add a side step if you want some cardio)
  • Punches up and out 16x and add a side step again (if you have weights, use them!)
  • Tricep dips for 16x (separate video)



  • High plank
  1. 16x foot taps side to side 
  2. 16x shoulder taps 



  • 24x step touches 
  • 8x grapevines
  • 8x R arm up, L arm up, shake it down
  • 8x slow high knees 
  • 8x double time high knees 

Christie (32C) is in a SHEFIT Small for both bra and leggings in our new limited-edition color Conquer™ for this at-home full-body workout!