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No excuses with this at-home workout! All you need is a little space and a SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra to get this high-intensity workout in! So push that coffee table to the side and make yourself some room! This full-body at-home HIIT workout will be sure to get your heart rate up and calories burning.

Why is HIIT Training such a good way to burn calories? Because using exercises that boost your heart rate will speed up your metabolism and they require no equipment! 

Repeat each of the following moves for 3-4 rounds with 90 seconds of recovery between rounds.

1. Mule Kicks (10 Reps)

Start with your hands firmly planted on the ground. Kick your legs into the air so that your shoulders and back become aligned with your hands. Be sure to squeeze your core.

2. Scissor Jacks (10 Reps each side)

At-home HIIT workout

Start with arms and feet wide, jump to cross your legs and your arms in front of your body, repeat on the opposite side.

3. Push Ups (10 Reps)

At-home HIIT workout

This move can be easily modified to suit your needs! For the advanced version, start in a high plank position, lower down until your chest is hovering above the floor and push to rise. To modify, simply move from your toes to your knees. To add difficulty, alternate lifting one leg.

4. Superman (10 Reps)

At-home HIIT workout

Working your core goes beyond your abdomen. By strengthening your back muscles, you can avoid injury and improve your posture! Start by laying on your stomach, raise up your arms, shoulders, and legs so they are hovering off the ground. Relax to return to the floor. Repeat.

Do this entire workout 3-4 times through for a great workout this week!

For high-intensity workouts, we always suggest the Ultimate Sports Bra.

At-home HIIT workout


At-home HIIT workout