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You're going to fall back in ❤️ with the treadmill check out our fun tricks! 

-> Turn Up the Volume

Adding music to a workout will surely get your mood and legs lifted! It’s been proven that music can help athletes push further. Get the timing right depending on your speed.  For power walking, shoot for 140 bpm.  For running, you’ll want to aim for something closer to 160 bpm. As a whole, it's been discovered that the notion of synchronous music tends to drive exercise intensity (i.e., the faster the beat, the higher the intensity). We’ve even curated some playlists for you on our Spotify page.

-> Interval Training

Looking to go beyond one speed with a HIIT workout on a treadmill? This type of routine is quick and effective because it utilizes both fast and slow-paced movements. Both the speed and incline settings can play important roles in designing a great HIIT workout, according to Johnson Fitness. Some treadmills even come pre-programmed. Here's a HIIT we found to be very effective:

1. Basic warm-up for 10 minutes at a brisk walk.

2. Run at 10 mph for 30 sec - 1 minute. 

3. Switch back to walking at 4 mph for 2 minutes.

4. Repeat for a total of 8 cycles.

Tip: Change the incline (higher the better) to make this more challenging & don't forget to cool down!

-> Get Digital with Apps

Don’t want to bother with music? There’s plenty more to do with your phone to keep you busy. And let’s be honest, we always have our phone with us.  Catch up on your favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu.  Or try a light-hearted app like the Zombies Run Game. Walk, jog or run, but you'll want to be fast to stay out of reach of these brain-eating monsters! 

-> Race a Partner

We’ve talked about the benefits of bringing a friend along for a workout before. There is nothing quite like having some girl-chat while logging those miles. Not so social? Check out apps like Run Social- which will connect you virtually with runners around the world! You can even view different trails and roads on your screen - how cool is that?!

-> Focus on Form

You should be running on the treadmill the same way you would run outside. So keep it natural and don't over-think it. Don't lean too forward. You'll want to stay upright to avoid injury. Another common mistake? Holding onto the rails. It will cause your body to hunch. Posture makes a difference on the treadmill. The Ultimate Sports Bra can help keep your shoulders back and head up as you run.

-> Substitute Your Steps for Something New

Throw it back to those gleeful skipping days in elementary school! Really, you'll instantly get a smile on your face as you skip in-between bouts of running. Your heart rate will skyrocket - feel the burn!  Not your jam? You can always side gallop for 30 seconds then switch back to walking/running. Be sure to work both sides of your body by alternating to improve coordination. Kick it into high gear with butt kicks and high knees! Both will supplement your running regiment to a new level.


What Not to Do: The Birdbox challenge. Trust us, the results aren't worth it.