Has your bra seen better days?

Has your bra seen better days?

If the only part of you that's sore after a workout is your chest, you might want to take a good look at your bra. Stretchy straps, worn cups and loose band means you're not getting the support you need. With shoes, shorts and shirts, it's pretty obvious to know when to replace them. But with a sports bra? If you can't remember when you got a new one, it's probably time to treat yourself and go shopping.  


The quick answer is every six to eight monthsBut this can change depending on the type of exercise, how often you're doing it and how many sports bras you have in your rotation. Let's break it down. If you have 1 – 3 sports bras and you wear each one for an intense workout once a weekthey'll probably only last about one year. On the other hand, if you have 6 – 9 sports bras to cycle through, they'll probably end up lasting four or five years. That's huge difference. Think about it, after hustling, washing, and repeating, the material gets worn, stretched and unsupportive – so the more sports bras you have, the longer they'll last 


Not only is working out in an unsupportive sports bra painful, but it can do irreversible damage to your breast tissue. Everybody is different, and every boob is unique – which means finding the right bra depends on your chest size and activity level. Without proper support, breast movement can cause stretching and sagging, which is not the look most of us are going for – so getting a fit that's made to adjust to your body is a must. Taking care of your boobs is one thing, but your bra is another. Even with the best of care, your sports bra can see more wear and tear than an everyday braWhy? Because you are moving, sweating, and pushing it to its limits. Your SHEFIT sports bra is tougher than most, but every bra gets old over time and needs replacing 



Either your body or your bra has changed. woman's body is always changing; trust us, we get it. So iit's been more than six months since your last measurement, take out the tape measure and head to our size charttake our fit quiz or schedule a video fitting to double-check your sizeIf you're in the right size and still unsupportedit's time to examine your bra. Try it on and test it out, so you know exactly what to look for when you're thinking of retiring your go-to sports bra. 

  1. Are you noticeably bouncing? Go for a jog or do some jumping jacks and see if your bra controls the bounce. If not, this is a clear sign that your sports bra just doesn't support you like it used to. It's time to replace it! 
  2. Stretched out bra band? A snug band is crucial because that's where 80% of a sports bra's support comes from. Lift your arms above your head, and if your band rides up or moves around, you know it's time for a new one. 
  3. Are your straps slipping? If you can slide two fingers easily between your shoulder and the strap, tug upward and get a gap – you're not getting the lift and support you need. 
  4. Faded or just plain dingy? Sports bras endure a lot of sweat around the underarms, straps and rib band. Even the toughest detergent can't fix faded fabrics and dirty stains, so if this is your bra – it's definitely time to treat yourself to a new color. 


Say goodbye to stretchy straps, worn cups and loose bands, and say hello to gear that works with you, not against youAt SHEFIT, we recommend at least three sports bras in your workout wardrobe rotation and at least one for every impact level you move toStart clearing out a drawer so you can shop our adjustable fit in bold colors and beautiful styles. Get the support you deserve