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Get ready to blast your backside with these butt-burning moves from one of our favorite fitness enthusiasts and SHEFIT ambassador, Karrah Peden Trammell. Whatever your workout goal may be, it’s always a priority to work your glutes. Use heavy weights for each exercise and have great control throughout the movement. Work through each rep by really squeezing your booty to maximize the results. 

This workout consists of three supersets (we love a good superset burn) and one bonus exercise. Each exercise has 10 reps, and you should do four sets of each superset. 

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Superset 1

Plate Abductions

Hold a plate against the outside of one leg. Try to rest the plate on your leg so it bears most of the weight. With your off hand, grab a pole or something sturdy to hold onto for balance. Lift the leg with the weight on it laterally. Bring it up parallel to your hip, and squeeze your glutes at the top. Come back down with control and do it again.

Hip Thrusts

Use a free bar, 3D Smith machine, Smith machine, or anything that is comfortable and accessible to you. Place the bar just below your hips on your pelvis Have a bench behind you to rest your back on during the movement. With the weight on your hips, extend your hips up and squeeze your glutes. It helps if you place your feet a little closer than normal then spread your knees at the top of the movement. This will help target your glutes. Make sure you are pushing through your heels and moving with control.

Superset 2

Seated Good Mornings

Put a straight barbell on your back, and sit on a bench. Keep your legs wide with your toes pointed out. With your spine straight, bend forward at least until your chest is over your feet (lean forward more for more strain on the muscles). Now, push up through your heels and pull your torso back up by using the muscles in your upper glutes. 

Hanging Barbell Split Lunges

Grab a straight barbell, and step one leg over the bar. With your legs split over the bar, step your front leg forward. Drop your hips down until your front leg is parallel to the ground and your back knee is just above the ground. Don’t let your front knee go over your toe. Do 10 reps on each leg. 

Superset 3

Box Squats

Get into a squat rack and place a bench or a box below your butt. You want your legs to be slightly above parallel when you sit on the bench (raise or lower the height of the box if needed). Spread your legs wider than your typical squat stance, and turn your toes out slightly. Squat down to the bench, and put some of your weight onto the bench. Explode up by engaging your glutes and pushing your hips through. Make sure you are squatting through your heels still and don’t rise up from your toes.


Take your barbell in hand, and hold it in front of your legs. With your feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent knees, drop your torso down towards the ground. Keep your back straight while pushing your hips back slightly. Lower until the bar is just above your ankles then come back up.


Bonus Exercise

4 Sets of 10 Stomps

Find your assisted chin up machine, but we aren’t going to do chin ups! Hold the handles on the machine for balance and place one foot on one of the steps. Put your other foot on the weighted assister, and push down until your leg is fully extended. Control the weight as you come back up. If you don’t feel it working your muscles, add more weight on the machine. Do 10 reps on each leg.