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Sports Bras have only been around for about 40 years. 

While women have been contorting themselves into all kinds of bindings and wraps for centuries, it wasn’t until the 1970s that a bra provided the support women needed to tackle the court, track, and field.

Today, there are countless Sports Bras on the market, but none offers the level of support SHEFIT does.

The reason for this is founder Sara Marie's innovative design.

Saras Story

“I’ve always been an avid athlete my entire life,” says Sara. “I’ve grown up rodeoing, track, cheerleading... and before I was wearing SHEFIT, I was wearing two or three bras at a time. I wasn’t getting the support I needed.”

Stretchy Sports Bras weren’t supporting Sara in the types of exercise she loved. “I found myself walking away from things I normally would do,” she says. Like so many other women, Sara’s gear was holding her back.

She questioned it. “Why have we, as women, become accustomed to believing it’s as good as it’s going to get?”




She cut apart bras she owned and sewed them back together in different ways. She called these early iterations her “Frankenstein” bras. She messed with hooks, loops, and Velcro. After many hours and a lot of hot glue, finally, she had it.

“All of a sudden, I was like, ‘Holy cow, I’m in control now. Now I can decide my fit,’” she says.

That’s where SHEFIT started — from the refusal to accept the status quo and settle. SHEFIT offers no compromises, just ultimate support and adjustability.

Sports Bras should give you total control and fit.


The Right Sports Bra Matters

The right Sports Bra eliminates the physical and emotional barriers that hold girls and women back.

“I started because I wasn’t capable of doing the things I normally could, because of the gear that was holding me back,” Sara says.


"Having the right gear empowers women to be in control of their bodies, their narratives, and their lives."


This is especially important in a world where girls and women are taught that there are limitations from a very young age. Run like a girl? Throw like a girl? Go faster, harder, be winners, and so on. Women are trained to look in the mirror and doubt what they see. 

Imagine this: you’re going for a run down the street. Your chest is bouncing. You’re wearing two sports bras already, and the straps are digging into your shoulders. You’re trying to focus on your run, but a car full of men is approaching. Suddenly, you’re even more aware of your chest — something you didn’t think was possible moments ago.

What are you feeling at that moment? Awkward, ashamed, self-conscious, possibly afraid of the attention you might get? What do you do? Stop your run, change your route?

Or, imagine this: your daughter wants to try out for the soccer team at her school. Practicing in your backyard, she shines. She runs fast, her feet are quick — she’s in control.

But at tryouts, her light dims. She folds her arms over her chest while she waits for her turn. She runs a little more slowly. She doesn’t dribble the ball quite as quickly. She’s trying to minimize her movements, and it’s hurting her game. The coach doesn’t give her a spot on the team.

What if that spot was her shot at a college scholarship? What if that spot was the key to her career as a soccer player?

Moments like these — and hundreds of others — are why having a Sports Bra that fits is essential for female athletes. Without one, girls and women miss out on opportunities. They miss out on the moments that could change everything. They miss out on their lives.

We won’t stand for that.

Celebrate Woman's Equality Day with SHEFIT

Here’s to women’s powerful perseverance, kickass confidence, and fierce determination. We’re dedicated to helping women level the playing field with access to the benefits of fitness and exercise with a bra that fits the way it should.

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