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If an effective fat-burning workout is what you’re looking for, we’re here to help. This is the perfect workout for when you don’t have access to heavy weights or are away from your normal gym spending the night in a hotel. This killer circuit will give you the intense workout you need to keep you fit and full of energy! Try these 3 circuits byKarrah Peden Trammell, fitness enthusiast and Shefit ambassador, for 3 rounds each. 

P.S. if you really want to feel a burn do each circuit 4 times! 


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Circuit 1

25 Banded Jumping Jacks

Put a resistance band around both legs just above the knees and perform a traditional jumping jack. Do your best to extend your legs sideways with the resistance band on to really work your legs.

10 Kickbacks

Use a foot wrap attachment for the cable machine and wrap it around one of your feet. Set the cable machine as low as possible. Lean over to be almost parallel and hold onto the machine for balance. Extend your leg behind you and raise until it is at least parallel to your torso. After 10, switch legs and do the same with the other leg to complete 10 full reps.

10 In & Out Cable Crunch

Using a cable machine, attach a tricep rope or any attachment that you can grab with two hands. Put the cable machine at the shortest setting, and lay on your back with your feet away from the machine. Grab the cable attachment above your head and simultaneously crunch your arms and legs together while contracting your abs. Then lower your arms and legs down, but don’t rest your legs on the floor in order to keep your abs contracted.

Circuit 2

12 Banded Side Steps

Place a resistance band around both legs just above the knees. Have a slight bend in your knees. Jump laterally using your outside leg to generate force. Jump back the other way using the other leg. Jumping there and back counts as one rep.

10 Sumo Squat/10 Narrow Squat Pulses

Get on a leg press machine for this exercise. Place your feet wide on the platform and perform half squats (45 degree squat). After you finish your sumo squats, narrow your feet to a couple of inches apart. Do half squats with your narrow stance.

20 Ball Crunches

Lay on your back on an exercise ball with your feet firmly on the ground. Drop your torso back and then crunch up to where you are contracting your abs. Make sure to keep your butt on the end of the ball, so you don’t use it to help you crunch up.

Circuit 3

7 Monster Walks to Frog Jump

Take a resistance band and put it around your legs just above your knees. Spread your knees to tighten the band and engage your glutes. Alternating each leg, drop step 4 times for each leg. Once you have lost this ground, you will frog jump back to the position you started in. This will count as one rep.

20 RDL Pulses

Take dumbbells in each hand and set your feet shoulder-width apart. Let your palms face your body and slightly bend your knees. Bend over at the hips until the dumbbells are parallel with your knees. Drop your torso and push your hips back until the dumbbells touch your feet. Raise the dumbbells back up to your knees to complete one rep.

10 Oblique Cable Crunches

Back on the cable machine to end this circuit! Shift your position to your knees and set the height of the cable machine to be at least a foot above your head. Use a tricep rope attachment and hold on to it with both hands. Crunch down, twist to the side, and touch your hand to your leg. Repeat this with the other side to complete one rep.