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Recently SHEFIT was featured on Corp! Everything Business highlighting our recent achievements. 2018 highlights include:

    Karen Dybis reached out to interview our founder, Sara Moylan, to talk about how fast SHEFIT is growing and the future of the company. Dybis acknowledged, “Making a sports bra that women love to wear is an even greater task.”Like many of you know, SHEFIT started with a maternity bra and a hot-glue gun in Moylan’s basement.

    It had always been a goal of Moylan’s to be on the Entrepreneur 360 List. “To be an Entrepreneur 360 recipient proves that we’re running our business well, and we’re on track for future success,” she stated. It just proves to employees and customers alike that SHEFIT is on track to hit goals and compete with larger competitors.

    As for their Shark Tank appearance, Moylan expressed that it was always a dream, even if they didn’t get chosen by the Sharks. SHEFIT appeared on Shark Tank in 2016, which allowed the company to be seen by millions. “The advice we took from the Sharks, and the groundwork we laid during the deep-dive process before the show, are things that we still remember today.”

    “So what’s next for 2019”, Dybis asked. Always looking ahead, Moylan is wanting to give the customer what they are asking for. “We develop solutions to consumers’ pain points because we believe women shouldn’t have to settle for support, comfort or overall liberation.” So keep an eye out for what SHEFIT will be coming out with next.