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Growing from the basement and Kickstarter to Shark Tank in 2016, SHEFIT has been on the rise and outperforming leading sportswear companies. Not looking to slow down any time soon, SHEFIT this year was named on Inc. 5000 List of fasting growing companies at number 154. Tina Mulqueen, from Forbes, sat down with the founder and creator of SHEFIT to talk about the brand and it’s success in the industry so far and it’s goals for the future.

“The notoriety from Shark Tank had the appearance of making Shefit an overnight success -- and, it certainly helped with the company’s sales, which have continued to grow at more than 360 percent the last two years.” As SHEFIT continues to grow as a leader, it’s mission has never changed: to support women of all sizes and all athletic abilities. “For too long, the media and big brands have been trying to tell us what being fit is or what an ideal woman looks like,” explains Moylan. Even going as far as creating a video about negativity from industry and customers alike. None of this waivers Moylan’s passion though and SHEFIT continues it’s inclusivity of cup sizes A-I. 

SHEFIT has decided to stick with a direct-to-consumer business model. This means consumers can simply go to and get the product they are searching for. By avoiding retail space, Moylan wanted to control the customer experience and better support the customers. “Understanding the kind of relationship you want with your target customer -- before, during and after the point of sale -- is an increasingly important consideration in retail marketing,” Mulqueen added.

All of this success can only take a company so far. It really comes down to a product and if it can stand the test of time. The results are clear in a Central Michigan Study that found SHEFIT reduced bounce against top brands such as Nike, Under Armor, Brooks, and Moving Comfort. “Taking on industry leaders is a daunting task, particularly for bootstrapping retailers. But, as Shefit’s success implies, it’s not impossible. By seeking opportunities to fast-track success, preparing effectively, leveraging seasoned partners and having a clear value proposition, your products can rival the best.”