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It can be a challenge to incorporate strength training into your workouts if you’re new or unsure how to structure exercises for best results. If you’re looking to start advancing your workouts to build up that muscle and/or lose weight, this workout was MADE for you. Enter,Karrah Peden Trammell SHEFIT brand ambassador and fitness enthusiast, who masters this cardio/leg workout. All you need is a pair of dumbbells (that are fit for you), and you can bust through this workout anywhere, anytime. 

This workout consists of 4 supersets (a superset is two exercises back-to-back). Do each superset 3 times to complete the workout. 

Superset 1

10 Sumo Squat Jumps

Hold one dumbbell down in front of you with both hands on either side of the dumbbell. Place your feet wide and point your toes slightly outwards. While keeping your chest up, squat down until the dumbbell is right above the ground. Push through your legs, and drive your hips forward to jump up. When you land, go right into the next squat.

10 Single Leg RDLs

Holding a pair of dumbbells in each hand, place one leg forward and slightly bent. Keep your back leg up, or lightly set your toes on the ground for balance. With a straight spine, bend over until the dumbbells are at your ankles. Slightly slide your hips back as you go down then push your hips through to go back up. Do 10 reps on each leg.

Superset 2

20 Dumbbell Jacks

Hold one dumbbell up by your chest with both hands on either side of it. You will do a jumping jack motion with your legs, but you won’t wave your arms back and forth. Instead, you will press the dumbbell up as your legs jump out, and then down as your legs jump in. Keep control of all this movement by having your abs engaged as you extend.

12 Suitcase Squats

This one is exactly like it sounds, except you are using dumbbells. Set your feet shoulder width apart. Hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand. Leave them by your side as if you were holding a suitcase in each hand. Now squat down as if you were trying to set a suitcase down. Do this by sitting back into the squat with most of your weight on your heels. Keep your chest up, and lower until the dumbbells are just above your ankles. Stand back up then go into your next rep.

Superset 3

10 Speed Skaters

Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Jumping laterally to one side, hammer curl the dumbbell (don’t rotate the dumbbell) up on the same side. Land on one leg then push off with that leg to land on the other leg. As you switch legs, switch arms to curl up the other dumbbell. Do 10 reps on each leg.

12 Goblet Sumo Squats

Hold one dumbbell vertically with both hands. Do this by placing your palms under the bell of the dumbbell and wrap your figures around the top. Place your feet wide and outside shoulder width. Point your toes out. Squat down with the top of the dumbbell up by your chest. Go down until parallel. Keep your chest up by engaging your core so you don’t fall forward. Stand up until your legs are straight. Go right into your next rep once you stand up fully.

Superset 4

20 In And Out Jacks

You will perform a typical jumping jack motion with your legs. With your arms, you will hold one dumbbell with both hands on either side. Hold the dumbbell up by your chest. As you jump your legs wide, press the dumbbell out in front of you. Jump your legs back in and bring your arms back in at the same time. Engage your core when your arms are fully extended in front of you. This will allow you to stand tall and not bend over.

10 Five O’Clock Lunges

Pick up your pair of dumbbells in each hand. Standing tall, lunge one leg backwards at a 60 degree angle (or think about lunging back to a five o’clock position if you were standing on a clock). As you lunge backwards, drop the dumbbells down to either side of the leg that is moving. Keep your off leg straight. Allow your toe to come up and keep your heel down on your off leg. Make sure your knee is behind your toes as you lunge, and keep your chest up at the bottom of your lunge. Press off the down leg to go back to a forward position, then drop back into your next rep. Do 10 reps of each leg.


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