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Meet performance fabric guru Galit Wexler. As head of all Product Development for SHEFIT, she believes in creating a fit that is empowering for each shape and size.For too long, women believed that if a bra didn’t fit them correctly, there was something wrong with their body– which couldn’t be further from the truth.Typically women have to choose between fit or fashion, never finding the right gear for their body. Galit and the SHEFIT team, sweat the details of each product making a comfortable and supportive fit for every body.

“We don't believe in compromising or cutting corners. We go above and beyond to ensure the best fit for every body.”

Galit Wexler 

Galit was born and raised in Haifa, Israel, where her family manufactured fabric textiles for over 70 years. As a little girl, she grew up immersed in fabric and fashion, and took that passion to Wizo College, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. Beginning her career at Delta Galil headquarters, as a Commercial Designer for Victoria's Secret, she gained incredible experience on the factory floor. Over the years she learned to build innovative ideas from initial design concepts at every stage of product development. 

Galit then moved to the United States to continue to grow and explore different opportunities including working with some of the top fashion brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Under Armour and Spanx. But in 2017, she put that all aside to run her own consulting firm, where she leads new brands and projects from concept to market. That same year, a colleague contacted Galit about an amazing new brand named SHEFIT. After meeting our Founder Sara Marie, she took on the project of expanding SHEFIT’s product line and was hooked.

"Sara encourages me to look at things differently and not to compromise on the small details that can make a big difference."

Galit brings her dynamic and strong leadership skills to SHEFIT, where we take fit very seriously. Working closely with our VP of Design, Nicole Fonseca and SHEFIT Founder Sara Marie, she identifies challenges and finds solutions as new products are being developed. She focuses on the fit and is integrated in the process from start to finish. At SHEFIT, we don't assume: We verify. If a size small fits well, we don’t assume that a larger size will fit the same. We don’t just add 1” increments to each size. We verify every size to ensure that every element fits and feels right, from XS to 6Luxe. We want every woman to have a fit that is made to work with her body. To empower women to stop accepting less for themselves– to feel comfortable, confident and in control in the right gear. 

“SHEFIT changed my life. It showed me a different way of thinking and has empowered me to become a better woman.”