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Who is Sara Moylan? Entrepreneur, mom, rodeo queen, bikini competition champion, Super Woman, just to name a few hats she’s worn over the years. Sara is the face and ethos of Shefit, but she’s so much more. Get to know the woman behind the bras and why she loves living her crazy, loud life!


Give us a fun fact!

“ I was a barrel racer growing up all through college. My family always had horses. I did goat-tying, pull bending, roping, and I was the National High School Rodeo Queen. First one ever east of the Mississippi!”


What is the best thing about being a mom? Entrepreneur? Beauty Queen? Bikini Champion? Rodeo Queen?

“The best thing about being a mom is knowing you have unconditional love from something you created. I LOVE being able to teach them stuff. Seeing them learn is the coolest thing. The best thing about being an entrepreneur? Ha! The reason to be one is for freedom. In the beginning stages, it’s completely opposite (of being free) but I know what the bigger picture is. Along with the path to freedom is the path to changing lives. Your business exists to change lives. The testimonials are sometimes the things that get you through the bad times.”


What does Shefit mean to you?

“The brand means empowering women at any stage. I want Shefit to be relevant to “her” in a way that nobody else is. That’s the ethos of the brand.”


What is the craziest thing you remember about Shark Tank?

(Says Laughing) “We were in there for an hour and twenty minutes! People don’t realize we were in there for so long because our segment was only about eight minutes. The craziest part was when we were standing on the carpet and waiting for them to say ‘Go!’ and just roll into your speech.”


What’s your favorite post-gym snack?

“For sure always BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino acids) for muscle recovery. I always do it as a slushy and usually just chug mine (says laughing). Honestly, after I get home from the gym, I really like to wait an hour and then have an actual meal. Something like oats, egg whites, protein powder, almond butter, and bananas.”


What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids?

“We LOVE going to the movies! But we are also big foodies so we really like going out to dinner. In the summertime, we really love going out on the boat together. In the winter we take them snowmobiling and they really enjoy that too.”


Anything you want our Shefit Squad to know about you?

“I started Shefit all because of a problem. I figured out a solution to my own problem. I was struggling. I am an everyday woman that is a busy, working mother just trying to stay in shape and get to work. By a lack of support, I was being held back from taking care of my own physical goals. Once I figured out a solution, I realized I could help other women not suffer the same way I did.” 


Since Feb. is the month of love, what is one thing you love about yourself? 

“I have to sit back and say wow, I can’t believe I have accomplished everything I have. I really love my drive; the fact that I get up at 5:30 and not make any excuses and then making the time to be around and get my kids on the bus on top of everything else I do in a day. I like that I am so extremely driven and competitive, it’s not an option to quit.”


Ok, so what do you love about Bob (husband and Shefit partner)?

“I love his ability to accept me for all of my flaws. All the things that make me crazy/hard to keep up with he loves about me. He is really compassionate in that sense.”