Halloween costumes featuring SHEFIT

Halloween costumes featuring SHEFIT

The perfect, last minute Halloween costume ideas, featuring some of our favorite SHEFIT colors!

Halloween is just around the corner and we were excited to come up with some bra inspired costumes! Who says your sports bra always has to be hidden!? We have linked the items we used in each costume description.

The perfect excuse to bring a wand everywhere you go! Here is what you will need:


    Malibu Workout Barbie
    Bringing back the bright colors of the 80's. Here is what you will need:

    Support Under the Sea! With a purple top, and some mermaid leggings you will have the perfect mermaid look! Bonus points for a Mermaid inspired wig! Here is what you will need:

    Who says angels don’t need support?! Step out in confidence with this cute Angel costume! Here is what you will need:

    Break out your favorite black heels and your Black Ultimate Sports Bra for this sassy Halloween look! Here is what you will need:

    Channel your inner Karen Smith and be a mouse (DUH!) Wear your Smokeshow Real Support bra, leggings, your favorite heels and a pair of mouse ears! Here is what you will need:


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