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Have you ever wonderedHow did women workout before sports bras? Did they hold the girls up with their hands or just wear a regular bra and hope for the bestEven though the everyday bra has been around for hundreds of years, it hasn’t really done us justice. We’ve been poked, pinched and strapped into them by people who don’t understand our bodies.  

Sports bras were introduced to the market just 40 years ago when women began to run marathons instead of watching from the sidelines. Before 1972 women werent encouraged, invited or allowed to participate in sport. But when the Title IX legislation passed, prohibiting any kind of sex discrimination in schools? The doors burst open for generations of women to train, compete and take home the gold. 

When women became more active, they needed better gear that put them in control of the bounceThe lacy underwire bra didn’t cut it for painful marathons or gruesome sprints. They had to tape and modify their bras to try to reduce the chafing, digging and bouncing. Lisa Lindahl, one of the creators of the original sports bra, was an avid runner, but the one thing that kept getting in her way was the constant discomfort of her boobs. This sparked the creation of the JogBra. 

*Source Smithsonian Magazine

The JogBra started the same way SHEFIT did: in a basement, Frankenstein-ing different parts and pieces together and to try to hold the girls down. When Lindahl and her co-founders joked about using jockstrap to cup each breastthey decided to try it. And guess what: It felt kind of right. It was 1978 and they had just cracked the code to engineering a boob-friendly sports bra. Since then, there werent many structural improvements that helped control breast movement. Then SHEFIT entered the arena. 

Our Founder, Sara Marie, was fed up with stretchy straps, loose bands and inadequate support. She was forced to double up, slow down and hold back - in the gym and in her life. She decided enough was enough. Setting out to solve her own problem, Sara completely restructured the sports bra as we know it. Bounce test after bounce test, she was determined to create a fit that matched her body move-for-move. The whole game changed when Sara combined Zip. Cinch. Lift.® making the first-ever fully adjustable sports bra. She could finally control the bounce, set her level of support and move on her own terms. 



SHEFIT changed the game with the Ultimate Sports Bra®  and we’re not stopping. We will continually level up with revolutionary innovation and cutting-edge technology so you can move comfortably, confidently and in total control. We sweat the details from each feature to every product, so every woman and girl has the adjustable fit and support she deserves.