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If you’re from the Midwest states like our Shefit team is, you might be more familiar with Seasonal Affective Disorder than others. You know those winter blues when you just aren’t up for anything but a Netflix marathon. It’s cold, dark and too snowy to drive anywhere. You’d do anything to stay inside the comfort of your home.

It’s no secret that a little sun and a little exercise can take you out of that funk. But what do you do if you’re not even ready to move from the couch?

We have a few ideas that don’t require much effort at first. Once you get going, though, expect to be motivated enough to get your ass to the gym. 

Write Down Some Goals

Get real. What do you really want out of life and what are the steps to achieve it? The smaller steps you make, the easier the path to the end result it seems. Maybe you have some resolutions that you already forgot about? Read our recent blog on how to rewrite them into more realistic goals. 

Talk to Your Inspirations

You’re scrolling through Instagram and you stop on one girl’s recent post – maybe she’s killing it in the gym. Maybe she's working some heavy weights or a machine you've always wanted to try. Maybe it's a motivational quote that resonates with you. Take the extra step to actually read the caption, it might give you the inspiration you need or serve as a reminder that everyone struggles. Don't just look. Comment on it. Talk to them. Ask her how she stays motivated. Spark a conversation with another commenter and ask for advice. There’s nothing wrong with looking to others for inspiration, as long as you don’t start an internal war with yourself (or others!) by comparing your physical features. Let their determination and characteristics inspire you. If you're looking for another account to follow, Shefit Founder, Sara Marie, is on Instagram and always loves to interact with ladies with questions.

Treat Yourself to New Gear

Grab your laptop. It’s time for some online shopping! Pick up those new leggings you’ve been eyeing. Make your workout less fussy with Bluetooth headphones. Pick gear that will make your fitness journey easier and more bearable. Of course, we recommend getting comfortable and supported in our Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra. When you can move your body with ease, support and comfort, you have no excuse to not get busy. You’re going to want to try out your new gear and maybe show it off. Don’t forget to snap a #gymselfie and tag @shefitapparel on Insta

Plan a Workout With a Friend

Maybe you’re avoiding the gym because you just don’t know how to get started or how to hop back in? You don’t have to do it alone! Find a free workout plan online and ask a friend to take on the challenge with you. Maybe grab a friend who can show you the ropes. You can also follow Sara's Instagram for a few workout videos to copy.

Grab your notebook, phone, and laptop to get started with any of these tips. You’ll find yourself ready to get out of the house and into the gym in no time.

Our Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra Generation 3 is available in all 10 sizes, XSmall – 6Luxe. Get the support you need to stay motivated.