How To Tie-Dye Your SHEFIT!

How To Tie-Dye Your SHEFIT!

This is the perfect summer DIY to do with your family and friends. Follow our step by step guide to tie-dying your SHEFIT, and have fun while adding a pop of color to your wardrobe!


Start with the Ultimate Sports Bra in white, a bunch of rubber bands, and don't forget to wear clothes that won't get stained!



Take the padding out of the Ultimate, dunk it in lukewarm water, and ring it out, so the bra is damp. Then scrunch it, fold it, or roll it any way you want and secure it with the rubber bands!


Add a pop of color! Pick out your favorite colors and add them to the white bra between the rubber bands. 


Pro Tip - use bright colors that mix well for best results 


 STEP 4:

Wait 4-12 hours for the colors to soak in - and remember, patience is key, so the longer you wait, the brighter the colors!



Remove the rubber bands, handwash in cold water, hang-dry, and VOILA! 


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