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International Women's Day

As a woman-founded company, this day is incredibly important to us. Because empowering women to take control of their lives is what we’re here to do. Every day.

“At SHEFIT, we are committed to empowering every woman no matter her shape, size, age; we are here to support her through all her achievements.”

Sara Marie, SHEFIT Founder and CCO

SHEFIT is standing up for International Women's Day, by highlighting some of the trailblazers who will continue to pave the way with powerful persistence, fierce determination and kickass confidence.

Powerful persistence. 
Firsts are nothing new to Becky Hammon. Along with being the first woman Assistant Coach of an NBA team, she was also the first female head coach of an NBA Summer League team and the first woman to coach in an NBA All-Star Game. LeBron James applauds her, saying "It's a beautiful thing just to hear her barking out calls, barking out sets... She's very passionate about the game. Congrats to her and congrats for our league.” With Hammon’s perseverance and persistence, she’s well on her way to becoming the first female coach in the NBA. She goes down in history as a role model for other women and girls to go out and forge their own path.

Becky Hammon
*Source Air Alamo

“The last reason I want to be hired is because of my gender. I want to be hired because you trust me, because of my potential, because you believe that I know basketball, and then we go and build from there.”

Becky Hammon

Fierce determination. 
17-year-old Maame Biney became the first African-American woman speed-skater for Team USA. After a rough round at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Biney broke down barriers and was the first woman to win gold at the World Junior Short Track Championships. She was also the first African-American woman in that event in Olympic history. Biney has confirmed her plans to be back for the 2022 Winter Olympics. With her willpower and determination, she is actively crushing stereotypes and giving women and girls the courage to go for it.

Maame Biney
*Source Washington Post

“I saw the video and it was like ‘first black female speed skater to make the Olympic team’ and I was like, ‘Oh, I actually am that, cool!' I’m representing everyone who thinks they can’t do it, but they should do it”

Maame Biney

Kickass confidence.
Making history might be new for the 49’ers, but it’s not for their trailblazing coach. Katie Sowers is the first female to coach for the Super Bowl and was the first openly gay person to coach in the NFL back in 2017. When she was little, she dreamed of being on a real football team and now she encourages little girls and young women to keep pushing, because their dream can also become a reality.

Katie Sowers

“I hoped someday I will be on a real football team.” Katie wrote in her journal as a little girl, “I’m not just here to be the token female. I’m here to help us win ... I would want to tell this little girl to keep pushing herself. Your dream is coming.”

Katie Sowers

These women have taken game-changing drive to the next level – and you can too. With SHEFIT support, you’ll have powerful persistence, fierce determination and kickass confidence to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. We aren’t just raising the bar – we’re raising the bra.

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