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What are they going to think of me? What areas do I need to work on? How many hours did they put into the gym that I didn't? These questions always flooded Jeanette's mind. Even though she was at her best level of fitness and her lowest weight, she still never felt good enough. 

Since having her first child, Jeanette strived to get back to feeling confident in herself after the changes she went through during pregnancy. As a mother, she wanted to feel comfortable and confident in her own skin - which means being able to chase her daughter down the road if she runs. Jeanette reignited her fitness routine at the gym when a trainer asked if she has thought about competing in weightlifting competitions. She never thought it was for her because "it was for muscley women, and that's not what I am." She doubted herself, but after getting advice from Jason, her husband of 20 years, she decided to go for it. 

"The word I think of when it comes to Janette… relentless. She loves hard, plays hard, and works hard. And if she puts her mind to something, she is going to do it."- Jason, Jeanette's Husband

The training was tough, and the weights were heavy, but the first day she lifted, she LOVED it. However, the lifestyle that this training entailed was difficult. The diet was very extreme, and it took a toll on her social life. She found herself stressed about social events where there would be food and drinks because most of that was off-limits.

"Extreme dieting is tough on the body, but when you have to get on stage with 10 other perfect people, you just do it." - Jeanette

One afternoon on their annual family trip to the apple orchard, her husband and daughter got donuts. Jeanette's daughter asked her mom if she wanted a bite, and she instantly said, "No." Jeanette turned around and started crying. That was the day that she said: "I'm done." 

From that moment forward, she demanded a sustainable lifestyle. After constantly competing against yourself and not feeling your best mentally, Jeanette started focusing on the things that really matter in life. Eight years later and she doesn't stress about dieting, cooking a meal, or enjoying a donut.

"If I give you any advice, it's to love yourself." - Jeanette

Walk with confidence and love yourself to the core - that's just a few things we stand for.

Watch Jeanette's Sisterhood Story below: