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September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, and we want to bring it to your attention that one in three children are overweight or obese. With the ever so growing use of technology in children’s everyday lives, we understand  that it has become progressively more difficult get your child off that device, and into something active instead. We got connected with a local mom who opened up to us a bit to tell us how she keeps up with her child’s busy life.

We asked Stephanie, whose 13-year-old daughter Lauren is heavily involved in lacrosse, how she keeps her child motivated in her sport as well as healthy at home.

How long has Lauren been playing lacrosse and how did she become interested in the sport?

“So, we recently moved to a new city. My two daughters got started in a different school system which had sports that their other school did not offer, lacrosse being one of them. With the new school year, we had a really difficult time getting Lauren to leave her room to go do things, and could simply not get her off her phone. We decided that we should make it mandatory for her to be involved in one sport a year of her choice, so she choose lacrosse.”

Is it hard to keep her motivated to attend practices almost everyday after school?

“Honestly, it was at first. She was only twelve when she started, and had never played a sport that was this demanding and required her to really go out of her way in order to succeed. I think that because of this, it gave her a challenge that she had never dealt with before, and she quickly realized how rewarding it can be when you work hard at the sport you’re in.”

How did you guys come to hear about Shefit?

“There was another girl on Lauren’s team that was wearing aShefit. She had the purple on and my daughter became obsessed with it, and really wanted one of her own. Initially, I did not think that it was necessary for her to have, but as her body has matured and she is now rather busty for her age, we decided that it was something to invest in. I since have gotten my ownShefit, and fully understand what all the hype was about.”

What do you guys do for meals on an average day?

“She’s getting to the point where I no longer really pack her lunches, she likes to be independent in that way and do it herself. In the mornings, she will typically start with some greek yogurt with granola and fruit on it. Lunch is typically some sort of sandwich wrap, with carrot sticks and hummus, a fruit leather, and a granola bar. As for dinner, we’ve really tried to stray away from eating red meat over the last year, so we will do a chicken breast with things like a spinach salad and quinoa”

Is it hard to keep your kids eating that healthy?

“Most definitely. I think what helps the most though was getting them in the kitchen and having them help me cook. It really taught them a lot about how they can makehealthy food taste super good, and then it’s also something that they’re super proud of once it’s all said and done.”

How do you plan to continue to keep your kids active and healthy?

“Well, I want to make sure that they stay involved in sports throughout grade school. It not only teaches them about themselves and what their bodies are capable of, but it also teaches them social skills, and how to work with a team. As for their at home life, we really try to limit how much their are inside on their devices. Now, I totally understand that they’re getting to an age where I don’t have to hover over everything and only allow them to use their for X amount of time, but it’s something I do for myself too. We all are guilty every once in awhile to mindlessly staring at our phone or tablet for what seems like hours on end. To make up for this, if we’re all at home and don’t have plans for the day, we will make it a priority to go hike for a few hours together, or go for a bike ride.”

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