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Why settle for less when you can get everything you deserve. For over 40 years, we have been let down by sports bras that promised to control the bounce, but never could. We’ve had to adjust by doubling or tripling up on sports bras and in turn, holding ourselves back from what we’re capable of. It’s time to demand gear that is different. Better. That works for us, not against us. It’s time to stop settling. Dare to be different with our first-ever collection of bold, bounce-taming, body-sculpting designs in made-to-move, performance fabrics. Designed to lift and support all shapes and sizes so you’ll never have to compromise on control, fit or performance.

At SHEFIT, we do things differently. Continually innovating, elevating and upgrading the fit and function of our designs to remind women what they are capable of. Eliminating the barriers that hold us back. We track down the top trendsetters and designers in our industry to deliver activewear that changes the game for every body. Women like global color and trend expert Nicole Fonseca, performance fabric guru Galit Wexler, and SHEFIT inventor and chief creative director Sara Marie take a magnifying glass to every nitty-gritty detail - so your gear controls, fits and moves with your body, not against it.

No Compromises on Control.

You deserve to feel comfortable and confident with gear that puts you in total control. This was the inspiration for the invention of Zip. Cinch. Lift.® The first-ever fully adjustable zip-front bra that puts women in charge of their fit and level of support. Controlling the bounce like never before. Since then, everything we do is designed to deliver next-level control, fit, and performance. It’s why our design process can take years in the making. We aren’t willing to compromise on the details because every woman deserves to feel bold, beautiful, confident and in control.

No Compromises on Fit.

Your average sports bra company doesn't put the time and effort into fit, support, and lift quite like we do. SHEFIT has always been fit first, which is why we don't just add 1" increments to accommodate all sizes, like the average brands. We will fit over and over until we get the right fit for every size. Because we know it's not just about size, it's about proportions. Taking our time to ensure that every element fits and feels right from XS to 6Luxe. We dig deep into the quality of our fit and invest in our process so everybody can find their perfect fit.

No Compromises on Performance.

You want gear that doesn't let you down. Our new and improved performance fabrics lift, shape and sculpt like never before. Stylish athletic wear is typically designed for a certain body type. For the woman with curves, there’s often a trade-off between a product that fits & supports versus a product that looks good. At SHEFIT we believe that no woman should have to settle, which is why we choose premium performance materials that can take you from early morning stretching to after work weights with no compromises.

Every woman, no matter their shape or size, deserves to look and feel confident and in control. That’s why we designed the No Compromises collection.